Love of my Lifetimes…and Primal Partner


My partner Randy and I turned three today.

Having met mere months before, on December 31, we exchanged vows on July 13, 2013, at the Palm Beach Dharma Center.

Randy is the Love of my Lifetimes and a brilliant practitioner.

He’s also brilliant on the primal home front.

Here’s a taste of what he’s been up to in our backyard and kitchen.

When I have long days teaching at the Chinese Medicine school, Randy ensures there’s high-quality protein to sustain me.

Hardboiled, local, pasture-raised eggs make a perfect, portable lunch.

(Meanwhile, he enjoys one of his fabulous scrambles.)


He’s also in charge of backyard raspberry picking.

(Well, technically, raspberries come from our neighbor’s backyard…while our patch provides the strawberries.)

Randy’s also turning into quite the kombucha brewer.

He’s got a few experiments, er, batches, going at the moment, making sure to “burp” the mason jars daily to prevent explosive carbonation.

He adds Chinese herbs, which interest me keenly. And keeps watch for “kombucha eels,” which I try hard to pretend I’ve never heard of.


Oh, yeah, and he’s got mad fire-starting skills too—something especially needed last night, when the town’s power went out just before dinner.

Since we had no charcoal, a dinner of cold yoghurt and salad seemed imminent.

But I went outside to find Randy constructing a tiny teepee of kindling…and was soon savoring grass-fed burgers and steak.


More generally, Randy’s at least half the reason our dinners are so fantastic.

Both because of the food…and our commitment to sharing it together.


So, three years! And three homes so far! (Florida, Colorado, and now Nelson, BC.)

Feeling blessed for our present path…and what awaits.

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