Histamine Intolerance, Ancestral Health and Courage


Healing and illness occur on multiple levels, the physical, emotional and spiritual. In our culture we focus on the physical as of primary importance, a distant second is the emotional, and the spiritual is typically hardly regarded as significant at all. Science views the body as a complex machine, an isolated separate material object located at a particular point in time and space, rather than as a part of a body/mind/spirit continuum with the whole of the Universe.

I get many desperate e-mails from readers who are suffering from Histamine Intolerance. Laboratory tests indicate that they are “allergic” to so many foods that eventually there is virtually nothing left for them to eat. This naturally creates enormous stress and anxiety, which only exacerbates the reactivity of their system to whatever they do eat. Dr. Natasha regards diagnostic testing for food allergies with suspicion, and suggests instead to keep a careful food diary; track the response in real life to the ingestion of certain foods. It is also my experience that there are many false negatives and positives in laboratory testing for food allergies. In addition, foods that were tolerated may become problematic, and those that were problematic may again become tolerable. Unnecessary dietary restriction is not only hazardous to your health as it limits your exposure to a variety of nutrients, but the subjective experience is very depriving and depressing.

Egg allergy is one of the most common food allergies, however many are allergic to the egg white and not the egg yolk. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Egg yolks are extremely nourishing and healing to the lining of the gut.

Many people write to me who are suffering from constipation. Dr Natasha recommends the use of therapeutic enemas for symptomatic relief of constipation until the body is healed. Constipation makes people feel awful, creates toxicity in the body and must be vigorously addressed. Many people are not prepared to give themselves an enema. The remedy I recommend to my patients is a magnesium powder called Natural Calm. The appropriate dosage is very individualized. It is safe, and as most of us are magnesium deficient, it has the added benefit of functioning as a magnesium supplement. I find the unflavored variety most palatable.

Attention to ourselves in relationship to the Universe is of utmost importance in healing Histamine Intolerance. I recommend spending quiet time outside communing with the natural world and animals. Tune into the rhythm of the passage of the sun across the sky, the sunrise and sunset, the cycle of the moon and the stars. Become aware of the change of the seasons. When weather permits, walking with bare feet and connecting with the earth is very balancing to the energetic body. A minimum of 20 minutes of sunlight a day is recommended for increasing energy and elevating mood.

All of these simple measures need to be consciously implemented in our contemporary world, as we are so cut off from nature. Many of us live in cities where we cannot even see the stars. The Ancestral Health movement recommends eating and exercising in accordance with our genome, which is essentially unchanged from our Paleolithic ancestors. But what about our ancestors connection to the natural world and to Spirit? How does our modern separation from the night sky and the rhythms of the natural world impact our health and well being? My answer is profoundly. I wrote a blog post a year ago entitled Holistic Ancestral Health. It discussed how our current science-centric perspective robs the world of its inherent meaning and magic, and results in an approach to illness and healing that is not only offensive and alienating to patients, but is not even effective.

I highly recommend to all my readers a series of Kundalini Yoga DVD’s entitled Journey Through the Chakras by Maya Fiennes. Daily practice with these DVD’s will promote balance and alignment of body, mind and spirit. The first of the 7 DVD’s entitled Courage is particularly useful for those with digestive issues. I suggest daily practice with this particular DVD for 40 days, and to keep a journal of your experience, noting shifts in all aspects of your health and well being.

Histamine Intolerance is as much a spiritual and emotional condition as it is a physical ailment. Reconnection with the natural world and practice with the Courage DVD will powerfully support your total health by other means than confusing and contradictory food lists and supplements.

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