Fibro-Fix Summit


Fibro-Fix Summit: June 20-27, 2016

I’m really pleased to be participating in the Fibro-Fix Summit, an online event full of interviews and other resources to assist you in regaining health from the many symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia (FM), as well as other fatigue- and pain-related disorders, is a neglected and poorly understood niche in medicine. That’s exactly why the Fibro-Fix Summit is so important—it brings attention to the topic, with experts discussing FM and the many disorders improperly labeled as FM, to provide real action steps and solutions. Act as your own health advocate, and learn how you could take steps toward your recovery today.

My presentation is called “Stress and Fibromyalgia: Beyond Adrenal Dysfunction.” I’ll be covering:

  • The 4 major systems of stress
  • Anti-stress herbals and nutrients
  • Hierarchy of treatment interventions for stress

If you’d like to hear this presentation, you can register now to listen for free, or you can purchase the recordings if you prefer to listen later. The summit includes presentations by over 30 other experts to assist you through your fibromyalgia journey.

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