Eat Local for Flavor…and Health


When it comes to flavor and nutrients, fresh local food offers so much more than stuff that’s been sitting in transit or on store shelves (even if it’s organic).

And when it comes to optimizing taste and health, I strongly encourage exploring local food sources.

For us, this means sourcing food from a handful of places, heading to: 

  • The co-op grocery for fresh, local produce and grass-fed butter, yoghurt and cheese
  • The local butcher for house-made sausages and other meats
  • The local fish monger for wild, fresh seafood (usually from elsewhere in our province of British Columbia)
  • The Wednesday and Saturday farmer’s markets for pasture-raised eggs plus veggies and fruits grown nearby
  • Our own backyard for fresh-picked strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb (soon apples and plums too)

Here are some shots of recent local delights. . .

This lettuce from the Wednesday market tasted just picked. 

The spicy greens from there were fantastic too. Just opening the bag filled our kitchen with pungent goodness.

When we buy greens from the supermarket, I don’t have much interest.

But these local, fresh ones? I actually crave them.

(I may eat healthy, but never thought I’d feel that way about lettuce.)

Upon moving into our current home, we were delighted to find backyard treasures.

The strawberry plants offer ripe fruit daily. And, like the local lettuce, the flavor of these berries is amaaaazing.

Completely different from store-bought, which I find tasteless and totally not worth the added sugar.

With that flavor comes an abundance of nutrients. You can’t get the same thing from a store.


Our yard is also home to a ginormous rhubarb plant.

The stalks are fantastic sliced and sautéed in coconut oil or grass-fed butter, providing a nice “condiment” with their tart, sour flavor.

I much prefer them that way, rather than diluted with lots of sugar in baked goods and such.

Just take care to avoid eating the leaves. (They’re poisonous.)

nelson lake

You know what I love after a meal of real, local food? A walk along Kootenay Lake.

Spending time in nature calms the nervous system, supports healthy metabolism, and feeds a sense of body-mind wellbeing.

And you? Source some delicious local food lately? 

Please share in the comments!

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