DIY Memory Health, Part Three of Three

Just this week in the news one of the brain exercise programs announced some great results with brain training games. The current study was a re-analysis of former data collected over a ten-year period observing almost 3000 healthy older adults. The group who did the speed-of-processing training, now available through Posit Science’s brain training program, showed 33% reduced rate of developing dementia. 

My point is not that you should all run out and start doing that program (although that would be fine), but instead that we are going to be reading news about Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment on a regular basis as more and more baby boomers realize it’s a significant future risk. I talked about balance in Part 2 and that will be part of your future balancing act: figuring out how to be open and curious to incoming news without getting completely distracted with each little tidbit of information. (Just this morning, WebMD: “Can red wine prevent Alzheimer’s?”)

If you stick to the information in the first two parts of this series, you will be doing all the heavy lifting and for most people it will make a difference in their general health. Let’s get to the last details, the ones that show particular promise for brain health and that might not be so obviously a part of general health improvement.

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