Detoxing from a Doctor’s Perspective

Are you wondering if you should do a detoxification program? Perhaps you’re considering a “jump start” to a new nutritional lifestyle or weight loss? Here are some signs that indicate you need to detoxify and that it’s time to change your nutritional lifestyle:

  • you have bags or dark circles under your eyes
  • have joint pain and/or an autoimmune condition
  • you have chronic constipation and/or abdominal bloating
  • not maintaining a healthy weight

Those are just a few indications that the body isn’t functioning optimally, which is what “being healthy” is really about. Generally speaking, detoxification programs eliminate the consumption of the most common foods in adults that cause inflammation and utilize nutritional supplementation to heal the damage that’s been done within the body. Inflammation is the root cause of almost all disease processes and we become inflamed by the foods we eat. When the body doesn’t function optimally, it has a challenging time eliminating excess waste and those toxins end up staying within the body.

I know what you’re thinking…. there are so many different types of detox programs that we’ve heard about in the media. Many credible options have great benefi ts as well as drawbacks. There’s juicing, fasting, specifi c programs and everything in between! The truth is that there isn’t one perfect answer that fits everyone, and I prefer a tailored approach for each person’s unique health picture.

Just a few of the benefits of physician-supervised detoxification programs include:

  • weight loss
  • increased mental clarity and energy levels
  • cleansing of the liver (did you know liver affects our cholesterol and hormonal balance?)
  • improves digestive function and absorption of vitamins (did you know that the digestive stomach houses the immune system?)
  • clearer skin
  • regulate elimination of waste from the body

The use of nutritional supplementation during a detoxification program is key to attaining the maximum results. Step one is to eliminate the foods that caused the health issues in the fi rst place. The most common eliminations include food categories like sugar, grains, and dairy.

And step two is to use high quality, physician-grade nutritional supplementation to assist the body in repairing damage, healing the digestive system, and eliminating excess toxins. Nutritional supplementation can also accelerate your results. Remember, when we heal the digestive system, we’re also improving our immune system’s function as well.

One of my favorite sayings is an old business adage you’re probably familiar with: “you can’t manage something you’re not measuring.” This same concept applies to health as well. We can’t correct something if we don’t understand what the problem actually is. And, we need to see tangible, regular improvements.

Here are the basics of what my physician-monitored detox involves:

  • provided food plan for a 10 or 28 day program (without fasting)
  • custom nutritional supplementation (specific program lines for Fibromyalgia, General Detox, Women’s Hormonal Support, Leaky Gut, and others)
  • before and after measurements
  • ab measurements or other recommendations on an individual basis as needed
  • transitioning you to a healthy, long term Paleo Lifestyle

Here's what one of our practice members “C.M.” has to say about her experience:

Medical Food Renew really helped me with my symptoms. It gave me energy and cleared my mind. It was very easy to put into my daily routine and unlike what I expected tasted good. I was able to go from being tired, sore, and sluggish to energized and motivated. That along with regular adjustments with Dr Bobik, it really impacted me in a positive way."

The amount of effort we put into our health is equal to the level of results we see. It’s never too late to change your course – the best moment to begin is now! The first step is to call our office and schedule your Initial Evaluation – let’s find out if you’re a great candidate for a program and discuss your goals.

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