Beat Heart Disease Naturally!

Obviously with heart disease being the number 1 cause of death in the U.S. today, it is an extremely hot topic and huge concern for everyone. In 2009 599,413 people passed away due to heart disease. It also costs somewhere between $273-$477 billion dollars a year to combat this deadly disease.

So what do you do to not be another statistic? While genes do play a role, it is becoming more and more apparent that it may not solely rest upon genetics but the environment in which you live on a daily basis. The idea being live a healthier, more physiologically-sound lifestyle and drop your risk of not only heart disease but other chronic diseases that are plaguing our country as well. To do this you have to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. I will try to sum this up as short and sweet as possible...

  1. Make 2/3 of your plate vegetables and fruits, notice vegetables came first so make sure the amount of veggies outweighs the amount of fruits. Go for raw, lightly steamed or sauteed options.
  2. Fill the other 1/3 of your plate with lean grass fed, free range meats. Leave the sausage and other processed meats alone.
  3. Drink water, unsweet teas, kombucha, an occasional glass of pinot noir or 100% pomegranate juice.
  4. Get 150 minutes of exercise each week. Get this how you can, if you can only do 10 minutes one day that's fine just make sure you are getting 150 total each week.
  5. Avoid smoking like the plague. You are simply paying to die early when you smoke.
  6. Get adjusted regularly with special attention being paid to your upper thoracic spine and the upper cervical spine, as these are the areas that innervate your heart.
  7. Avoid grains, legumes, and dairy products as well. To make a long story short they are inflammatory because they irritate your gut and make it more permeable, allowing things to get into your bloodstream that normally shouldn't be there. This in turn leads to and inflammatory immune response. The one exception to dairy products is NON-denatured whey protein, it is a very powerful stimulator of glutathione synthesis, which is an awesome anti-oxidant and actually heals your gut.
  8. Take a blend of anti-oxidants that contain glutathione co-factors, super oxide dismutase, vitamins A, C, E, tumeric and resveratrol.
  9. Get your omega 6/omega 3 ratio as close to 3:1 as possible. You can figure out where you are at with a simple blood test. Then dose your omega 3's accordingly.
  10. Get your vitamin D between 65-90. This value is also obtained through a simple lab test, the ones we use are simply a finger prick test. Again, once you know where you stand dose your D accordingly.
  11. Take a nitric oxide enhancing supplement, but we careful as most on the market stimulate all three forms of nitric oxide which is not optimal, as 1 of the 3 is actually inflammatory. So be studious as I'm only aware of one product available that does this.

I hope this was informative!

Be well,

Dr. Tyson Austin, DC

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