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Most people now know about Functional Medicine testing as a means of investigating root causes of disease expression. Once you become aware of the broad training and testing that’s available in the Functional Medicine field, you recognize that most practitioners are over testing and generally unfamiliar with specific tests and foods for autoimmune and “mystery” illness patients. Be the doctor you seek! If you’d like to figure out the most important Functional Medicine tests to use in your own case, you may be interested in checking out group coaching program that I developed called Test, Clear, Heal where you will learn about the most significant and important foods, supplements and tests to quickly turn your health around.

Test Clear Heal is a 6 week DIYprogram in Targeted AIP Nutrition and Functional Medicine Tests intended to empower patients, health coaches, NTP’s, FDN’s, acupuncturists, chiropractors,  MD’s, ND’s, RN’s, NP’s. Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to weekly video classes and pdf’s that will guide you in ordering and interpreting the most important Functional Medicine Tests.

After Class #1 you’ll be ready to order your own tests even before you schedule an appointment with a Functional Medicine practitioner. Learn key tests to detect the underlying causes of your immune dysfunction. Gain access to key tests for autoimmune disease and learn how to detect the underlying causes of your immune dysfunction Learn to detect blood sugar, thyroid, immune and adrenal imbalances along with methylation clues from basic blood work. Make sense of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism test results and what different SNP’s, besides MTHFR mean.Understand the significance of Cyrex Labs autoantibody testing. Know when and how to run Stool and SIBO Tests, SNP tests, Cyrex Tests, Hormone tests, Basic Blood Work and Organic Acid Testing. Because it is such an important part of healing, this training reveals the most nutrient dense foods to include based on the recommendations in The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. A Click here for more info about the DIY program.


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