Ancestral Health - Episode #1

August has been so busy! After an information packed weekend with Dr. Bredesen in California, I was home just long enough to catch up, pack and head to Boulder (first time!) for the 2016 Ancestral Health Symposium. I went eager to hear some new thoughts in evolutionary medicine, a paradigm that postulates much if not all chronic disease arises from a mismatch between our modern lifestyle choices and the lifestyle in which we might thrive, the lifestyle our evolution has selected us for.  Obviously we don’t want to throw away the keys to the modern world and head to the nearest cave, but what can we learn from this model, and how can we modify our modern choices to gain some of our ancestor’s vigor? (Yes, they mostly died young, but those that survived trauma, infection, and childbirth, lived to the age of 65 or 75 or even more, and their skeletal remains lack evidence of our modern array of chronic diseases. Our ancestors’ challenge was acute illness, our modern challenge is chronic, non-infectious illness: obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.)

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