7 Billion Children

An adult represents rational thought, authority, intelligence and a capacity to protect, feed and care for anyone else that cannot protect themselves. But going by this definition, it would seem there are very, very few of us that meet this criteria. Furthermore, most of us are increasingly becoming more like children. We are given a job (chores), and allowance (salary) and eat most of our food procured and prepared by someone else. In a sense, we are now a world populated by 7 billion children.

As society continues to specialize its work force, we are all becoming far more incapable of actually taking care of ourselves. We live in an illusion of affluence. Most of us cannot build our own homes, fix our own vehicles, hunt and gather our own food or heal our own illnesses. We are increasingly dependent on industry and technology to get us by. Accompanied with our mechanized existence is a growing fear and alienation of the natural world. We feel separate from it because we are literally and figuratively insulated from it.

Every once in a while we get a wake up call. Some horrendous storm or natural disaster force-feeds us the reality that we are not affluent with our technology and material possessions, but more fragile and weak with our dependence on it. We hoard supplies of food and water because we recognize that we do not have the capability or knowledge to procure these needs in other ways. Let me be clear in this statement: weakness and ignorance can be dangerous.

Remember, you have the opportunity to be an adaptive, intelligent and strong being. Reconnect to your inherent ability to protect and feed yourself and those around you. There is no technology, tool or price that can exceed the need and value of our human brains. We should learn to use them again as they were intended.

Self-made bow drill set, made while camping at the base of Mt. Rainier.

There is certainly no need to demonize our many, positive technological advances. There are some who truly need them even with their best effort, and for that we should be thankful, but most of us owe ourselves and others more. We cannot allow them to atrophy our ability to continue our adaptation and progression of evolution. Technology should aid in comfort and progress, and NOT generate dependence. And while it is not realistic for each of us to become proficient carpenters, mechanics, hunters and medical practitioners, a basic and workable understanding of our environment, nutritional resources, and health is important.

A deep connection to nature and a capacity to thrive in any environment keeps us humble, in perspective, and breeds strength, capacity and enlightenment. Practice recreational hunting, fishing and foraging. Learn to camp in all seasons with as little resources as possible. Learn basic car maintenance and home repair.

Family barn raising with wood self-milled from private land.

Build a deck or tree house, maybe even a legitimate survival shelter. And lastly, take basic self-defense classes. There are numerous resources to increase your skills and reduce your reliance on technology and industry to exist well. Below is a list of resources to help you regain responsibility for your own existence.

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