5 Foods to Heal Your Body

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On New Year’s Day I was on air with my top five foods to HEAL your body from the inside out. This time of year there’s a lot of advertising for detox programs, pills, and potions with empty promises of weight loss. When all is said and done, MANY times these leave us feeling more frustrated (and maybe heavier) than we were to begin with.

We don’t always think about HEALING when we think about WEIGHT LOSS and ENERGY, but in order to lose weight that STAYS off we need to HEAL from the inside out. What do we need to heal from? INFLAMMATION that occurs as a result of eating too much sugar, too many carbohydrates, the wrong kinds of fats, and other additives and toxins found in processed, packaged foods. You can’t see it or feel this inflammation, but often times it stands in the way of your health goals whether they revolve around weight loss, digestive function, having more energy, or just feeling better.

The five foods I covered are ones that HEAL our bodies from within and reach your goals faster. Also note that while including these healing, anti-inflammatory foods, try to keep OUT the sugar and refined, processed foods and the list of Top 5 Things I’d Never Eat! These are counterproductive to the healing process and by keeping ‘em out you’ll feel better AND see results quicker.

For more resources, check out my new blog posts: how to Detox with Real Food and how to create a Bulletproof Plan for Achieving Your 2014 Resolutions. And if you’re serious about reaching your resolutions this year, contact our team to set up a coaching appointment.

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    I’d love to have the information shared in the video without having to endure the video.

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