Chris Armstrong

Primal Docs was created in 2011 by Chris Armstrong. Chris was also responsible for the creation of the Celiac Handbook Website back in 2004 and is a tireless advocate for any and all things related to finding a

As a natural progression of his gluten-free lifestyle, he finally decided to take the plunge and adopt an ancestral health approach to his diet and lifestyle. Grains, legumes, refined sugar, and processed seed oils were cut out of his diet and a daily campaign to increase movement was adopted. Both the physical and emotional benefits of this way of life were noticeable very quickly and any desire to go back to his old way of life were eliminated almost immediately.

He also found that finding a doctor that advocated this lifestyle was not as easy to find as one might think. Finding a doctor willing to even talk about food as more than an after thought was nearly impossible. This is when and how the Primal Docs concept was founded.

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