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It Is SO All About The Diet!

How did we ever come up with the idea that the winning formula to the body we’ve always wanted is: “exercise for ‘x’ number of minutes per day (possibly hating every minute of it )+ eat ‘healthfully’ but ‘with everything in moderation”? It is not. What you eat is far more than half the equation. […]

Nitrate/Nitrite Shock and Mayonnaise

I was astonished to read Chris Kresser’s excellent blog post The Myth about Nitrates and Nitrites. Everyone knows that Nitrites/Nitrates are potentially carcinogenic. When I allowed my children to eat hot dogs or lunch meats that contained them, I felt worried. Now, according to peer reviewed studies, not only are they not harmful, but may […]

Lyme Disease

I’ve treated many people with Lyme disease over the years, and I consider myself a Lyme-literate physician. I’ve seen lots of people who’ve suffered greatly from this illness, people who have seen many practitioners, and who have tried everything from multiple, high-dose, long-term antibiotic regimens to complex herbal protocols, sometimes exhausting their bank accounts without […]

Don’t Be an Ass

We’ve all met that person. He wouldn’t shut up at dinner, had an answer for everything, and laughed at your “ignorant” question or point of view. Despite trying to tolerate him, you couldn’t wait until he left the room so you could denounce his rhetoric with his other verbally assassinated victims that surround you. He […]

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