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Bad Medical Practice or Bad Journalism:
To stent or not to stent

The recent medical treatment of former US President George W. Bush has received huge media attention. More interestingly it has raised a debate among cardiologists and medical professionals on how to treat asymptomatic coronary heart disease. All the frenzy made me recall the famous words of US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld who served under […]

My Stance on Supplements

If you’ve been following my nutritional advice for a while, you’ll already know that I’m not one to simply go with the flow and listen to mainstream information about nutrition. This is especially true when the very organizations that are responsible for giving advice are funded and supported by corporations that offer terrible food choices. […]

Histamine Intolerance and Emotional Stress

Histamine intolerance depends on many factors including intestinal health, genetics, medication, diet, environment, and perhaps most importantly, emotional and spiritual well being. It is widely recognized that the degree to which we are histamine intolerant is greatly influenced by our level of emotional distress. Many of us have lives that we experience as stressful, which […]

Manage Childhood Obesity Without Dieting

Although no one allows their child to become overweight or obese on purpose, being heavy is hard on children. It saps self-esteem, makes physical activity harder, and predisposes children to adult diseases earlier in life. Obesity doesn’t have to be a prison sentence for children—using newer understandings of obesity parents can help guide their children […]

Pint-sized Paleos:
Why a Paleolithic Diet is Healthy For Your Children

Shout-out to all parents or future parents- this one’s for you! Are you following a Paleo/real food diet but concerned about transitioning your children to something similar? What specific concerns do you have? Perhaps you’re worried that they won’t get enough in the way of vitamins or nutrients, affecting growth and development? Maybe you’re concerned […]

Is Paleo a Fad?

Real, True Paleo isn’t. What is, however, very likely a fad, is the growing trend of more and more companies using the word at leisure to describe foods (in some cases, more along the lines of food by-products) that may have once been kind of Paleo but are now so far outside the scope of […]