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What is HDL Cholesterol?

If you’ve had a blood sample drawn for assessment of lipid panel you probably already know if your cholesterol level is acceptable or not. You might also recall something about good and bad cholesterol and the ratio between these two. Of course there is only one type of cholesterol. The “good” and “bad” has to do with the lipoproteins […]

Be The Doctor You Seek

As you may already know, I am a big advocate of self care and making decisions via objective labs along with what feels right versus listening to someone else’s opinion about your health. Said differently, you can take charge of your health and to a great extent, become the doctor you seek. My work is dedicated […]

Understanding Gelatin and Collagen Supplements

Gelatin and collagen supplements play an important health recovery role in the Paleo Diet, GAPS Diet or Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Long known for improving hair, skin and nails, gelatin has been commercially available since the 1920′s. The terms collagen and gelatin can be used interchangeably when talking about supplements. Here’s what I learned in doing […]