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Parasitic Hookworm Infections and Autoimmune and Allergic Disease

The hygiene hypothesis proposes that the rising incidence of autoimmune and allergic disease may be associated with improved sanitation, less incidence of childhood infections as well as chronic parasitic infections in the developed world. Since Strachan first proposed the theory in 1989, the hygiene hypothesis may lead to novel therapies for autoimmune and allergic disease treatment […]

8 Amazing Gut-Healing Supplements

If you struggle with chronic digestive issues, then you may have found that modifying your diet simply isn’t enough to eliminate your symptoms. For some people, cleaning up their diet heals them completely. However, for many of us changing our diet is only one piece of the puzzle. Adding in specific supplements that aid in […]

How Much Of Autoimmune Disease Is Genetics vs. Environment?

People struggling with unexplained autoimmune symptoms can go years without being diagnosed, and even then are given very little options from mainstream medicine. They’re told there is very little, if anything, they can do about their health problems, that their problem is strictly due to genetics. Their only option is to take medications to suppress […]

Science Gives Green Light to Low Carb

Diabetes is a huge problem in the US. The 2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report identified that this disease affects 29.1 million people in the US (9.3% of the population), and it is estimated that 86 million adults have prediabetes (1 out of every 3 adults). In contrast, today’s hunter-gatherer societies dispersed worldwide rarely experience degenerative diseases […]

The Core Issue

Many people have some level of awareness of the harm we are inflicting on this world.  In theory, they realize that if we degrade our landscapes, we will have no way to safely produce the food and raw materials we need to survive.  We employ modern fixes, such as green technologies, to both limit the ecological […]

Swear off the Sugar Substitutes

There are two widely accepted reasons that Splenda and the ever expanding list of sugar substitutes (also known as artificial sweeteners) have become so successful (marketing and commercial-wise, NOT successful in making us healthy) in our collective diet. 1. First and foremost, because they contain no calories. 2. Secondly, they’re commonly recommended for diabetics due […]

Fatigue: Causes & Solutions

I don’t think that anyone reading this can say that they’ve never suffered from fatigue at one point or another. If you’re a college student during finals week sleeping 3-5 hours per night, or a parent with a newborn and/or sick child, a professional athlete playing a physically stressful sport in a new city each […]