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The Cause of Autoimmune Conditions:
Chronic Stress in All Its Forms!

It only took me a couple of years of research in autoimmunity before I began to see the physiological connections between chronic stress (emotional, infectious, and toxic), and chronic illness. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded at how our medical system could be missing these connections. We’ve all heard the saying “Stress kills,” but how […]

Should You Restrict Salt?

Salt intake is as controversial as water intake and fat intake, but where is the evidence behind the recommendations for dietary restriction.  Sodium chloride (salt) is the most abundant mineral circulating in our blood and is essential for life.  Many people still see salt as something they must avoid for optimal health but this may […]

Paleolithic & Hunter-Gatherer Sleep

Are humans evolved to sleep through the night or is natural sleep bimodal or otherwise fragmented? What can we learn from the sleep of Paleolithic hominins and modern hunter-gatherer societies? Paleo-anatomists studying fossilized skeletons of Australopithecus (3.9-2.9 MYA) and Homo habilis (2.3-1.4 MYA) found they were well adapted to climbing. Although much of their daytime […]