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Join Primal Docs Member Dr. Daniel Stickler, MD
for a Wellness Retreat in Jamaica

Primal Docs member Dr. Daniel Stickler is organizing his second wellness retreat in Jamaica from May 7th through the 11th. If his first event Jamaican retreat (in 2013) is any indication of success, this one will undoubtedly be great. Part vacation and part conference, this event sounds like the perfect mix of relaxation and education. [...]

Adrenal Phone School with Dr. Andrew Neville
Next Call: Mar 6 at 3PM (EST)

Sleep and the Adrenal Patient Have you been prescribed sleep aids, benzodiazapines, antidepressants, or hypnotics by your GP or a psychiatrist? These are like putting a Band-Aid over a festering wound. Did you know that lack of sleep alone can induce symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, and CFS? Listen to this week’s Adrenal Phone School with [...]

Your Heart & Adrenals with Dr. Andrew Neville
Next Call: Feb 6 at 3PM (EST)

Have you ever had palpitations, rapid heart beat, irregular heart beat, occasional chest pain, elevated blood pressure, cold hands and feet, or even elevated cholesterol? Most conventional doctors will shunt you into the medical mill without a second’s hesitation if you tell them you feel any of these symptoms: “Here’s a referral to the cardiologist, [...]

The 5 Healthy Foods You’re Not Eating: Primal Docs Members, Mira & Jayson Calton on Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth

Long time Primal Docs members Mira & Jayson Calton recently appeared on Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth to talk about “The 5 Healthy Foods You’re Not Eating”. Show Excerpt: Have you ever heard of kefir? What about MCT oil? Mira and Jayson Calton are nutritionists and the authors of “Naked Calories,” and they say these [...]

The New Warning Signs of Gluten Sensitivity:
Primal Docs Member Amy Myers, MD on The Dr. Oz Show

Did you see Primal Docs member Amy Myers, MD on The Dr. Oz show last week? She was discussing “The New Warning Signs of Gluten Sensitivity: If you’ve tested negative for celiac disease but still suffer from joint pain, skin conditions and mental fog, you might still have a gluten sensitivity. Learn the new warning signs [...]

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