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Wanting? Or Needing?

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Friends of mine with an infant daughter once told me the story of how their baby girl—and entire family—went through a long, scary night. One evening, just after bedtime, the normally quiet child began wailing in distress. Her parents tried desperately to comfort their daughter—holding her, rocking her, changing her, feeding her. But she just […]

Top Foods That Cause Inflammation

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Inflammation is rapidly becoming one of the most studied topics in mainstream health care. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia, to name a few. In fact, inflammation is rapidly becoming the most widespread illness of the 21st century. Inflammation was even featured on the cover of the […]

Pausing… Before Pizza

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Nicole’s story When we first started working together, a client of mine—I’ll call her Nicole (not her real name)—shared a painful story. Ever since Nicole was little, she had taken care of herself. Her parents were busy, never home and emotionally unavailable. Growing up, Nicole not only cared for herself, but also her younger brother. […]

Estrogen Therapy Linked To...

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Dr. Fox responds to the following article: This study, from the WHI data set is a perfect example of the problems with the overall study. The patients could not participate if they were on hormone replacement at the beginning of the study so we are starting with average age of 70 and adding estrogen. […]

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