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Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, Discusses Depression and Her New Book

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Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders with psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan. We detail very important information regarding anti-depressant medications, what common causes of depression and anxiety are, and cover highlights from Dr. Brogan’s new book. If you need help managing your depression and anxiety, click here. Subscribe: Topics: Dr. Kelly Brogan MD Bio….. 2:35 Antidepressant Medications and […]

Starving Cancer - A New Treatment Strategy

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Australian researchers know that cancer cells commonly use the amino acid glutamine to obtain nutrients for malignant growth. When glutamine pathways were blocked; cancer cells stopped growing. Normal cells do not use glutamine as building block materials. The researchers theorize that blocking glutamine could create treatments with less serious side effects as white blood cells […]

An Intimate Look at Paleo Meals by Mail

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Meals-by-mail probably aren’t the first thing that pop into your mind when you think of healthy options. Yet thanks to the ever-changing food industry, it’s now possible to eat dishes that are homemade-quality and perfectly Paleo. Let’s be real. Sometimes it’s tough to eat Paleo. So when the folks at Trifecta reached out, we decided […]

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