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6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Paleo

The Paleo diet comes with a bit of media baggage these days. After becoming more mainstream over the last several years, it’s not surprising that the praise comes with some scrutiny. In my practice, Paleo is a set of guidelines that truly help patients wrap their heads around what they should and shouldn’t be eating […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now


It’s always like that. Right? Hindsight is 20/20. How often do you say, “If I really had the correct information THEN, I would have done things differently?” Well, I am here to challenge you because there is information available today that can change your life. Are you receptive, or do you want to wait 20 […]

Really, How Are You?

earth variety

For someone who practices individualized medicine, it may be surprising that there are two tests I think almost everyone should have. Oh yes, you should check your blood pressure, and know the general parameters of the broadly available tests: blood counts, chemistry panels, and probably even lipid profiles. But be careful with those lipid profiles: […]

How Candida Overgrowth Can Wreck Your Health + What To Do About It

If you keep up health blogs, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the word “candida” thrown around quite a bit; you can also have your pick of myriad “candida cleanses” in health food stores and online. In popular alternative health care, “candida” can almost seem like a catchall diagnosis for a wide variety of health […]

“In Perfect Harmony”… and No Sugary Drinks!


Warning! Big food and beverage industry execs will find the following disturbing. Remember the iconic Coca-Cola commercial from 1971 singing on the hilltop “In Perfect Harmony”? The commercial recently re-surfaced in the final episode of the AMC series “Mad Men” to a whole new audience. Here’s a new and different version “Change the Tune on Soda” from […]

4 All-Natural Tips To Boost Brain Power By Improving Gut Health


The gastrointestinal tract produces hormones that encourage optimal digestion, nutrient absorption, and regular bowel function. But that’s not all — the gut also produces neurotransmitters that affect our psychology, impact our brain health, and is now considered by many experts as “the second brain.” Here are some simple, yet highly-effective health tips to incorporate into […]

What I Eat


When I discuss a healthy diet with my patients, they invariably ask me, “So, what do YOU eat?” That’s the best question they could ask. I know many physicians and dentists who tell their patients to do one thing, but for themselves they do the exact opposite. Some of these practitioners hardly are pictures of […]

How to Get to Know Your Microbiome


Summary: I’ve just finished building a website that generates a phylogenetic tree in a PDF document from the results of your µBiome data. A tree makes it easier to understand the structure of the data and opens up the possibility of automating analysis. Three years ago I enjoyed a remarkable improvement in my health and […]

Common Medications for Allergies, Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety Strongly Linked with Dementia


I recently came across reputable research strongly linking two very commonly prescribed types of medication to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. The first group are medications with anticholinergic effects prescribed to treat depression, insomnia and allergies that are all linked with the development of dementia. In March of 2015, this research was reported in a […]

The Surprising Cause of IBS


I had the pleasure of attending the SIBO Symposium at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon last week. The speakers were fantastic and a lot of great information was shared regarding SIBO and IBS, all of which I’ll be sharing with you through my blog and videos on YouTube. I will be […]

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