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5 Health Benefits of Natural Vanilla

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5 Health Benefits of Natural Vanilla: What first comes to mind when you think of the health benefits of vanilla? Do you immediately think of the soothing aromatherapy effects it triggers or perhaps the taste of black speckled vanilla bean ice-cream on a humid, sunny day? Aromatherapists and psychologists alike have well understood the health […]

What Diet Or Supplements Are Right For Me?

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By Andrea Martin Hi! I am Dr Cole’s Functional Medicine clinic manager. Check out my past posts here: Functional Medicine Changes Lives Will Insurance Cover Functional Medicine? What Does A Functional Medicine Program Look Like? Many people want to know what “diet” we give people or what “supplements” we use. It’s a common question, […] […]

What’s the Point of Health?

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I used to be an atheist, in fact, I used to be a self-described “belligerent atheist”. I thought that religious dogma was the outgrowth of fear and unresolved parental issues. Certainly, much modern religion has lost touch with its more mystical roots, but there is no question that what ails the average American, as Graham […]

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