Why You Should Get Your Homocysteine Levels Tested

Although 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, mainstream medicine is largely reactive, offering only pharmaceuticals when your problem gets bad enough. Despite spending trillions of dollars on autoimmune conditions, we’re sicker than ever. There’s very little that’s “healthy” about our current healthcare system. Let’s start calling it what it is: “disease management” or “sick […]

Natural Depression Help

Approximately 1 in 10 people suffer some form of depression. While many of these are “minor cases” 1 in 20 people are classified as suffering from major depression. Depending on your age, where you live, if you’re male vs. female, etc these numbers go up or down. All of those who have experienced depression, or have […]

Brazilian Dietary Guidelines

I was quite amazed at the response to my last post.  I received many messages from people along the lines “I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite some time”, with most of these people now shaking their head at the state of play within a movement which held so much promise.  It is, however, […]

Beating High Blood Pressure

Beat high blood pressure! I have been asked several times about approaches aimed at reducing high blood pressure without resorting to drugs. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease is to prevent (or reverse) hypertension (high blood pressure).  Importantly, there are many lifestyle changes that can improve blood pressure at […]

Thyroid Thicket – Part One

Thyroid – a Neolithic Disease (This is the first part of the presentation I made to the Physicians and Ancestral Health Meeting, January 2015) Thyroid – that little butterfly shaped gland at the base of your front neck (under the knot of your bow-tie?) produces thyroid hormones that impact and interact with every other hormonal […]