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Ketogenic Diet – The First 30 Days

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At the start of 2016, I decided to resume my own n=1 experiment on the ketogenic diet. I’d tested this diet briefly back in October 2015 and had some encouraging results. Most notably, I lost weight, my fasting blood sugar came down, I had incredible amounts of energy and my mental acuity and performance felt […]

Lab Testing 101: The Functional Medicine Tests You Need

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Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand in today’s podcast talk about functional medicine lab testing where they differentiate the conventional lab testing from the functional testing. This conversation picks up diagnoses done by endocrinologists and about functional imbalance. Find out what functional medicine doctors and specialists see when they look at conventional lab tests. Learn […]

Depression - More than Emotional Pain

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Are you suffering with depression and chronic back pain? Most people know the symptoms that come along with living with depression. Difficulty concentrating, fatigue, helplessness, insomnia, sadness, anxiousness etc.. Depression brings along a laundry list of other symptoms that cause physical side effects as well as causing aches and pains, headaches and cramps. We know […]

Jasmina Aganovic Transcript

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[0:00:00] Christopher: Hello and welcome to the Nourish Balance Thrive podcast. My name is Christopher Kelly and today I’m joined by Jasmina Aganovic. Hi, Jasmina. Jasmina: Hi, Christopher, thanks for having me. Christopher: No, it’s my pleasure, my pleasure. So today we’re going to talk about the skin microbiome which is something I’m very excited […]

Why You Should Put Bones in Your Broth with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

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Today’s guest, Dr. Kelly Petrucci is a board certified naturopathic doctor, who built a practice that caters to celebrities and everyday folks alike by offering alternatives to pharmaceutical pills and surgeries. Instead of drugs, she prescribes anti-aging foods, bio-identical hormones, and nutritional supplements. She’s the author of the Paleo Cookbook for Dummies series and co-authored […]

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