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Plantain Paleo Pancakes

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Breakfast in the Antoine household can be crazy trying to feed five hungry children. Here’s one of our easy but favorite weekend specials: Enjoy this simple and delicious, egg-free, grain-free, nut-free, sweetener-free, dairy-free, vegan, ‘paleo-licious’ pancake! Served them stacked up with your favorite berries, filled with nut butter, or drizzle some organic maple syrup on […]

Science Cures Alzheimer’s

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Not that long ago, the Internet told us about the “pill to cure Alzheimer’s”, which scientists had recently discovered. As usual, we can be safe in the knowledge that they found almost nothing of the sort. HOWEVER, three studies published within the last couple of weeks have received far less attention despite pointing towards a […]

Is Titanium Dioxide Dangerous?

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Is Titanium Dioxide Dangerous? The modernized world today is afflicted by an increasing amount of human health concerns both in number and variety of illness and disease present. Time Magazine references Paleolithic diet advocate, Loren Cordain, and his belief that our contemporary Western diet is what has provoked the emergence of “diseases of civilization” (13, […]

Functional Medicine Health Truth Bombs

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by Dr. Will Cole I was so excited to be on the great Health Geeks podcast. We covered some great health information! Topics We Covered: What in the world Functional Medicine? How is Functional Medicine different than conventional medicine? The power of the microbiome. An underlying cause for depression, anxiety and brain fog. ADHD, Autism […]

Why I am a Germophile

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The dictionary defines “germophobe” as “a person who fears physical contact with germs and is therefore obsessed with cleanliness”. Given what we know now about the fact that there are 10 bacterial cells to each human cell in our bodies, this seems like strange behavior indeed. How can you even focus on the germs outside […]

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