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What Do Our Microbes Tell Us?

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Dr. Rob Knight, researcher and founder of American Gut, recently shared some fantastic and exciting insights on current microbiome research and the promising future ahead. The human body harbors an estimated ten times as many microbial cells as human cells. By studying these microbes, we can learn more about ourselves and potentially influence our health. […]

Stress In Women May Erase Benefits Of A Healthful Diet

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Stress In Women May Erase Benefits Of A Healthful Diet. The results here are not surprising. The cortisol elevations of stress move the metabolic system in the direction of dysfunction. The key to successful health then requires attention to nutrition, hormones and the reduction of stress. This stress reduction includes the avoidance of aerobic exercise, […]

7 Ways to Deal with Food Anxiety

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People frequently wax sentimental for what they call “simpler” days—presumably times when the rules were fewer and clearer, when choices weren’t so overwhelming, when demands were less and common sense was more prevalent. Eating, of course, is no exception to this. If you listen to the dominant voices in the social-media-marketing-medical culture, it’s enough to […]

Engineer Marty Kendall – Optimizing Nutrition and tweaks for type one diabetics and others

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I seem to have an affinity for engineers. Here engineer Marty Kendall discusses Optimizing Nutrition and tweaks for type one diabetics and others. with Jeffry Gerber, MD Camera and audio: Helen Rose Sparkle Sailing the Whitsundays Low Carb Down Under Cruise Recorded in Queensland, Australia – September […] The post Engineer Marty Kendall – Optimizing Nutrition […]

The Microbiota and Bone Health: Yet Another Reason to Protect Your Gut

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The trillions of bacteria that inhabit our gastrointestinal tract play an intricate and increasingly appreciated role in human health. Deemed by some as the “forgotten organ” (1), new connections between these microorganisms and our physiology are being discovered all the time. In recent months, I’ve written extensively about these connections. Check out my other blog […]

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