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Quit Worrying about your Testosterone

True hypogonadism (low testosterone or low “T”) is a real issue and needs to be worked up and treated appropriately. Depending on what organization or person you ask, you may get a different definition of what true pathologic hypogonadism really is.  The smartest andrologists/endocrinologists/hormone replacement docs and organizations will argue till the cows come home, […]

Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection

Before I get into some of the confounders in my n=1 experiment I want to quickly explain the relationship between thyroid function and cholesterol (specifically lipoproteins). Most people understand that the thyroid controls our metabolism, which in fitness terms usually means how many calories we burn. What is sometimes lost is that metabolism includes ALL of the […]

Does YOUR Doctor Even Lift?

Going through medical school and now residency (almost finished!), I have seen a few trends. First, most folks on the internet think they are smarter than doctors, which means my extra 7 years of medical training apparently doesn’t pull much weight on the web. Second, many of my fellow physician colleagues don’t exercise enough, which […]