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Tight Hammies and Your Back

Stand up. Bend forward and touch your toes. Don’t bend your knees. Can’t do it? You’ve probably got tight hamstrings. Studies show that people with tight hamstrings are more prone to having low back and hip pain. Why is this? Your hamstrings are muscles on the back of your thighs that attach to your hip […]

The Whole Food Phobia

The fear of food is called cibophobia. For people that legitimately suffer from this phobia, it is mostly related to expiration dates and food going bad that has them afraid. But I often come across a different kind of cibophobic–a whole-food cibophobic. This person usually doesn’t have an issue with “old food” or left-overs, but […]

Bursting the Bacon Bubble

“Bacon Mania” is a cultural craze in the United States. It is a symbol of rebellion. A “screw you” in the face of dieticians advocating its evil role in heart disease and obesity. When you eat bacon in everything–and I mean everything, not only at every meal, but in your beer, vodka, salads, brownies, and […]