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Add a Shot of Nutrients to Any Meal

I’m a little biased – I love eggs, partly because I have laying hens. But mostly because they’re delicious and infinitely versatile. What’s in an egg? Eggs contain an egg white and egg yolk. The egg white is typically albumen, nature’s “perfect protein.” This protein contains all the essential amino acids (protein building blocks) required […]

Get Your Shoulders Out of Your Ears

Ever been stressed out? Then you know your shoulders get tight and achy, and sometimes you may even get headaches. Maybe the biggest contributor to a tight neck caused from stress is a large muscle known as trapezius. Trapezius is so large that it’s actually divided into three parts: upper, middle, and lower trapezius. Upper […]

An Inadvertent Consequence of “Diet” — Orthorexia

Doctors and other health care providers: What if your profession perpetuates disease? What if all the healthy things you try to teach your patients actually bogged them down and hindered their health? What if all the natural, evidence-based nutritional advice you give your patients actually contributed to their distorted concept of “health” and “nutrition?” Consider […]

My Dog is my Life Coach

Marv, at 3 months old The beautiful thing about animals is that they run on pure instinct. When was the last time you used your human instinct? Think on this one for a minute. As humans, we rarely tap into our instincts. We’re too busy worried about shuttling kids around, making dinner, paying bills, and […]