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Cooking Tip: Bake Your Steak

As a follow up to my post about cooking your bacon in water, here’s another unconventional cooking method that you might want to try the next time you’re in the mood for a steak. As a rule, I still do most of my steaks on a gas grill or if the weather isn’t that great, in […]

Are You a Food Fascist?

I recently read this post from Michael Ruhlman titled, “Food Fascism” and it really struck a nerve with me. I’ve known a lot of people like this and I just had to say something. Read on, you might be surprised at where I go with this post. Michael went on to talk about a wedding […]

Cooking Tip: Cook Your Bacon in Water

Yes, bacon seems to be the poster child of a paleo/primal diet, but from personal experience, I know a lot of folks who mess it up. It’s either undercooked and limp or overcooked and just too crispy. The ideal piece of bacon should be both crisp and tender at the same time. I’ve experimented with […]

Statin Nation by Justin Smith

Every once in a while a documentary comes along that really does a great job of reaching out and changing the mind of people who are skeptics. One such documentary is Statin Nation by director, Justin Smith. It’s full of information that we’ve all heard over and over again, but it does it in such […]

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