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No Need to Go Gluten-Free?

Unless you have celiac disease or a doctor’s diagnosis of a gluten intolerance, gluten-free is a difficult diet that’s not necessary”, said assistant professor of medicine at NYU, Roshini Rajapaksa, MD in a recent issue of Health Magazine. (incidentally, why that publication is called “Health” is beyond me, but I’ll try to keep from going [...]

Health Food?

Health food is a term that we’ve all seen before. We can go to a health food store, venture down the health food aisle in many a grocery store or veer off to the health food section even in chain pharmacies like Duane Read or Rite Aid. The term rolls of the tongue without a [...]

Teeth Like a Caveman

How’d you like to have teeth like a caveman? Admittedly, the phrase does not exactly bring an image of shiny, pearly whites to mind. Not surprisingly, though, a new study which was pointed out to me by a blog reader in the UK illustrates how our modern day diet is helping to cause tooth decay [...]

Easy Takes the Stage

I’ve heard it time and time again. Easy, fast and quick options far too often become the choice when the rubber hits the road. Most clients get it. They understand why dairy, grains and legumes are a no go and the harm they do to our bodies. They do a great job at staying Paleo, [...]

A Paleo Valentine’s Dinner had a nice little summary of the history and traditions of Valentine’s Day; a few bits of trivia include: The story of Valentine, a physician also said to be a gastronomist, who made his medicines more palatable by mixing them with herbs, spices, honey, and wine. Other historians believe the holiday derives from the [...]

Paleo Takes the Blame… Inappropriately

Let’s face it. Paleo is still greatly misunderstood by the masses, and those masses, unfortunately, tend to include doctors, nurses, dietitians and many other ‘healthcare’ providers. Why else would it be commonplace for people of all ages, in varying degrees of health or illness, to be told that their ‘radical diet’ may be to blame [...]

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