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Getting Back on Track

It happens to all of us. When I first started following The Paleo Diet back in 2005, I definitely had a slip up or two. After having cut gluten and found all my GI symptoms disappearing in a matter of days, I was nearly completely convinced. It was right around Christmas time and I was […]

Paleo Dining in Whistler

Heading back home from our trip to Whistler, my husband and I commented on how many lovely meals we’d had whilst in BC. It was incredibly easy to order everything in Paleo standards, with the fresh fish, the game and the bounty of local produce. Every restaurant we visited was more than accommodating with preparing […]

Is Paleo a Fad?

Real, True Paleo isn’t. What is, however, very likely a fad, is the growing trend of more and more companies using the word at leisure to describe foods (in some cases, more along the lines of food by-products) that may have once been kind of Paleo but are now so far outside the scope of […]

Consumer Reports’ Ideas of Healthy Food Choices for College Students Is Way Off

Consumer Reports, perhaps you should stick to recommendations on household products and cars, and not venture into the food category if the recent piece on tips to keep college students healthy is a representation of what you’re going to suggest. A piece published online yesterday, entitled ‘Healthy Foods for College Students to Eat‘ was so […]