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The Cardboard Phase

What the heck is that? It came back from one of the first times I was having a conversation with a client who had asked whether it was hard to keep true to my Paleo lifestyle and how I dealt with the ‘cravings for breads, pastas and cookies’ she assumed I must be having after […]

Food First, Pills Later

It happens time and time again. A friend, or family member or blog reader shares their all too similar tale: They’ve gone to their doctor after not feeling great and have come home with a fist full of prescriptions. The doctor hasn’t asked about what they eat, whether or not they engage in any physical […]

Apples and Tummy Trouble?

You’re well into your Paleo lifestyle; sleeping well, full of energy and feeling great, overall. You’re eating your balanced Paleo meals throughout the day without a hitch and then one day, out of nowhere, it happens. A horrible, painful stomach ache seemingly for no reason! What was it? You didn’t eat the glutenous bread that […]

Gut Check

Whether you’re in the information gathering process about Paleo and are on the fence about trying it or if you’re well into the lifestyle and loving the benefits, it’s always a good idea to do the occasional gut check. If you’ve been Paleo for a while and are feeling on top of the world, it […]

Gluten-Free is Not a Punishment

I happened to glance at the cover of a magazine the other day when checking out at Whole Foods. An entire magazine dedicated to gluten free living! Initially, I thought it was fantastic, but then after seeing the titles of some of the articles, I realized that it could easily be interpreted that the positioning […]

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