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Too Skinny?

While weight loss is a very common goal of many who opt to try the Paleo lifestyle, some actually find themselves reaching their goal weight, and then continuing to drop the pounds even after that. Losing too much weight, however, doesn’t mean we have to resort to adding back in the grains, beans and other […]

It’s The Diet, I Promise!

The other day, I received a compliment from a kind, elderly gentleman. He approached me and asked what I did in order to achieve good muscle tone on my arms. “Yoga?”, he asked? I told him that while I do enjoy yoga, it’s actually something I’m just now getting back into, for no other reason […]

Have a Little Lamb

Lamb kebabs, braised lamb shanks (as shown above with veg and cauliflower ‘rice) and coconut lamb curry are just a few of my favorite dishes to prepare using this healthy meat. Did you know that grass fed lamb is packed with health benefits: Great source of iron (twice as rich as pork, three times as […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Fat

I can’t begin to count the number of clients that are fat-phobic. Not of becoming fat, but of eating it. I was in the same boat for a long time, having lived through the glorious early 90′s low fat/ fat-free craze. ”Doesn’t fat make people fat?” is probably one of the most often asked questions. […]

How Much Fruit Is Too Much Fruit?

“Eat your fruits and veggies” is only a partly good recommendation. Why? Because it blurs the lines. It makes it appear that fruits and veggies are all lumped into one broad category and therefore interchangeable with one another. As if to say, “Don’t like veggies? No problem. Just have more fruit.”. Which is far, far […]