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Changing What’s Normal

It occurred to me last night when I was finishing up a lovely meal of bone broth, which I’d made using grass fed bones, garlic, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and some pastured chicken breast with some raw chard thrown in last minute that times sure have changed. For me, that is. Former vegan here, don’t forget. [...]

Almond Meal Overload?

“I’ve been making my own almond milk  out of almonds & filtered water, then drying the meal that’s left in the cheesecloth.  What would be the best way to use the meal without adding a whole lot of sugary stuff to it and making baked goods?   Wonder if I could add it to the [...]

Which Spices Are Paleo?

More or less, any naturally dried herb or spice, as well as their fresh counterpart, are not only Paleo acceptable, they’re good for you! Each offers numerous health benefits in addition to their contribution to the overall flavor profile of any given dish. If you’re buying fresh, opt for organic and be sure to wash [...]

Dark Chocolate, Walnuts and Wine?

Can chocolate be a part of the True Paleo regime? Without a doubt. If you choose a dark, raw chocolate, preferably fair trade and organic, you can create the perfectly decadent treat for that special occasion without having to resort to adulterated versions (faux paleo) of cakes, cookies, muffins and other sweets. Real chocolate (dark- [...]

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