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The Joy of Simple Eating

A ripe banana after a long run. A piece of wild salmon sashimi topped with avocado slices on a bed of greens as a summertime lunch. Grass fed, local steak tartare with a quail egg. What have all of the above got in common? All are deliciously Paleo friendly, real, unadulterated food that simply taste […]

Paleo in the Workplace

You’re at work and you’re hungry.   You don’t have time to jump in the car and beeline to the nearest Whole Foods to make a salad so you head to the break room, where you’ll be sure to find several types of fresh, raw greens, a few wild protein options and a selection of […]

Sneaking In The Veggies

Which is a better approach- getting people to understand just how very important getting more veggies into their daily regime is and developing an easy way to do so, or sneaking them into unexpected places? Maybe it doesn’t matter, so long as the end result is the same- eating more leafy greens! An interesting article […]

Forego the Fruit & Fire Up The Fat

No, not entirely. You don’t need to ‘not eat fruit’, but hear me out on this one (can I still write ‘hear me out’ for something written?  Not sure, but anyway…) Consider: Eating plenty of assorted, local, organic, seasonal veggies at each meal will ensure you’re getting plenty of fiber throughout the day. Eating more […]