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Coconut Water: Hype or Healthy?

Coconut water here, coconut water there, coconut water everywhere! Have you noticed the surge of it over the recent few years? I certainly have, and along with the growing rise in popularity comes a wide range of product quality.  Some of the more mainstream brands I’ve tried, though their ingredient panel appears benign, simply don’t […]

Meat Quality and Paleo

One very, very important distinction about the True Paleo regime is the source, and subsequent quality, of our proteins. Fresh, wild salmon and packaged, smoked salmon are not interchangeable. Nor are the occasional serving of uncured bacon from pastured pork and the Oscar Meyer’s shrink-wrapped, sodium nitrate and nitrite-rich variety. And when we get into […]

Too Many Berries?

When you’re just getting started on your weekly Hour in the Kitchen, it’s easy to buy the wrong quantities of foods. Too much fruit, not enough veggies?   Enough pastured chicken to feed an army but barely enough wild salmon to feed your toddler? Happens all the time. It’s part of the learning curve to […]

Super Food, Or Just Food?

Imagine if everything we ate really was food. Recall the definition of it, from Webster’s Dictionary: any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.” Now, take a quick pause and ask yourself how much of what you put in your mouth fits […]

Fish Oil: Liquid or Tablets?

The one supplement I feel comfortable recommending to nearly everyone is a high quality fish oil. Of course, you can certainly get what you need if you eat plenty of wild salmon, wild black cod and wild Arctic Char, but since fish oil is so indicated for so supporting so many functions in the body, […]

The Joy of Simple Eating

A ripe banana after a long run. A piece of wild salmon sashimi topped with avocado slices on a bed of greens as a summertime lunch. Grass fed, local steak tartare with a quail egg. What have all of the above got in common? All are deliciously Paleo friendly, real, unadulterated food that simply taste […]