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Paleo Approved Indian: Tamarind

I absolutely love Indian food. This type of cuisine, like most others, is very easy to enjoy, while keeping in line with healthy Paleo eating. I must say, it always strikes me as funny when a friend or client comments that they didn’t know they’d be able to enjoy Indian cuisine…or any type of cuisine […]

The Gateway Protein: Bacon?

I’ve long referred to fish as the ‘gateway protein’ for no other reason than that’s what it was for me, on my own food journey which included a two-year stint as a hard-core vegan. I’d begun dreaming about eating fish about six months in, but it wasn’t for eighteen more months that I actually began […]

Go Nuts at Whole Foods

If you’re a Whole Foods fan like I am, you’re well aware that many have a sizable bulk section which can come in quite handy for those times when you need just a little of this or a pinch of that. Granted, many of the contents in those bulk bins are more in keeping with […]