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Forego the Fruit & Fire Up The Fat

No, not entirely. You don’t need to ‘not eat fruit’, but hear me out on this one (can I still write ‘hear me out’ for something written?  Not sure, but anyway…) Consider: Eating plenty of assorted, local, organic, seasonal veggies at each meal will ensure you’re getting plenty of fiber throughout the day. Eating more [...]

Edible Flowers

The scent of blooming jasmine, the sight of a well kept rose garden… and the taste of a marigold? Yes, you read that correctly.  I wrote, the taste of a marigold. I first experienced the idea of eating flowers in a very obvious place- the produce section of my local Whole Foods Market. No risk [...]

Bored of Berries?

“You mean I can eat other fruit, aside from berries?”, asked a new client, after seeing the menu plan I’d designed for her? Surprised, I replied that of course she could eat other fruits. She explained that her Cross Fit instructor had told her, under no uncertain terms, that the only fruit she should ever [...]


It happened again today.  I had a meeting with an organization, which shall remain anonymous, to discuss how we (I) might implement healthy eating principles into their employees’ daily regime. They were intrigued at ‘healthy, common sense eating’, agreed with ‘local, sustainable and organic’ but as soon as the word Paleo came  up, they cringed. [...]

Paleo is Too…

Restrictive. High in Protein.  Low in Carbohydrate. High in Fat. Low in Calcium. High in Dietary Cholesterol. Low in Fiber. Really? No. If you’re thinking otherwise, there’s a good chance you may have gotten some of your information from the many inaccurate sites, blogs, books and podcasts that are growing in number and becoming exponentially [...]

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