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The Personality Trait for Health and Success

How does your personality influence your health? Your personality and how you perceive the world has a dramatic impact on your overall health. Certain personality traits have the potential to influence your health as much as nutrition, exercise and sleep. The personality trait that increases longevity People who are conscientious tend to live longer (1,4). […]

10 Ways to Start Off Your Day with Increased Productivity

Your morning routine can ultimately determine your overall productivity. People who start off their day in a systematic stress-free manner are generally very productive people. Below is a list of 10 steps I use every morning to help increase my productivity. 1. Record next day activities in your journal the night before. Waking up and questioning the […]

Do You Need to be Spiritual to be Healthy?

Yes. The benefits of physical exercise and eating healthy have been well documented. However, people often fail to recognize the importance of spirituality on overall health and well-being. Spirituality vs. Religion Though religion isn’t an absolute necessity to become a healthy person, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests spiritual people are healthier […]

How Women Can Restore Their Sex Drive

Testosterone replacement therapy is a controversial subject regarding men and it is almost taboo to discuss testosterone replacement therapy in women. Women, like men, produce testosterone, but to a much lesser extent (about 1/10th) than men do. Why do women take testosterone? Women may choose to take testosterone to restore a healthy sex drive, increase […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Not Cheating

Testosterone replacement therapy has been demonized by many as cheating and unnatural. Some experts claim that testosterone replacement therapy can have detrimental health effects and that testosterone should be avoided under any circumstance. Replacing a hormone that is produced naturally in the body can significantly improve overall quality of life and should not be overshadowed […]

Drug Companies Are Hiding Research

Drug companies may not be publishing complete and comprehensive data that could affect a physician’s ability to practice safe and effective medicine. ‘Evidence based medicine’ is the trend in the medical community. But, what if the research was biased and based on selectively published clinical trials? It seems that this may be what is actually […]

How to Add Nutrients Without Adding Calories

The problem with eating a ton of healthy food is that you may be over consuming calories. Mainstream media and fitness experts often tout the benefits of berries, avocados and dark chocolate. Do they have benefits? Yes. Does this give you permission to eat these foods whenever you want? Absolutely not. Berries contain sugar, avocados […]

Eating Whole Grains is Killing You

In case you haven’t heard, eating whole grains is slowly killing you. I know this goes against Canada’s food guide and everything you’ve been taught, but I’m here to tell you the truth. Canada’s food guide Canada’s food guide is complete bullshit. If you want to get fat and unhealthy, go pick up a copy […]

Nutrition Myths

There are countless nutritional myths in the health industry. The unfortunate truth is that once a theory becomes “accepted as scientific evidence”, it becomes re-written until it is accepted as undisputed truth. However, some of these theories may not stand the test of time. Governmental organizations aren’t likely to make a public announcement stating, “In […]