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Thyroid & Your Gut – Hidden Cause of Thyroid Problems #2 – Gluten, Food Allergies & Thyroid

Some have said health and disease start in the gut; in functional medicine we certainly feel this is true.  If I could only address one area with a patient it would be their gut.  Addressing your digestive health is the single most important action you can take.  If you have any health issue and your digestion […]

Insulin, Blood Sugar and Thyroid – Hidden Cause
of Thyroid Problems #1

How do insulin and blood sugar levels affect your thyroid?  Well let’s quickly review insulin and blood sugar regulation.  The reader’s digest version goes like this; eat carbs, then your blood sugar rises which then causes a release of insulin.  A reasonable amount of carbs and stimulation of this process is OK and actually good, […]

What You Must Know – How Hashimoto’s Damages Your Thyroid

Hashimoto’s is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States 1-4 From Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology regarding hypothyroid patients, The thyroid glands of most of these patients first have autoimmune “thyroiditis,” which means thyroid inflammation.  This causes progressive deterioration and finally fibrosis of the gland, with resultant diminished or absent secretion of […]

2 Types of Thyroid Problems. Which One Are You?

Often times I find doctors try to over complicate the thyroid, maybe in attempts to impress patients with their knowledge.  However, most hypothyroidism can be simplified down to 2 general types.  They are functional and autoimmune. Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Autoimmune is by far the most common and it is also known as Hashimoto’s or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  […]

Is Depression Causing Damage to Your Brain?

Depression could be more serious than previously thought.  This is because a new study has shown some cases of depression may involve damage to the brain. This study showed that 54.1% of people with depression had autoimmunity against their brain tissue (serotonin receptors) while only 5.7% of non-depressed had autoimmunity against their brain tissue. Again,the […]