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Want to Be a Nutritionist?

Every day I get several email requests from people for information about how and why I became a certified nutrition consultant. (You can read my story here.) Because I get so many of these requests, I did a podcast with helpful information for those considering a career change or a course of study in nutrition. You […]

How to Support Yourself Through Stress

We’re all exposed to stress. It’s part of life. Death, divorce, marriage (positive stress counts, too!), having a baby, working too long and hard, not sleeping enough, chugging coffee, hours-long commutes, falling off track on eating well, too much sugar, too many stimulants, pain and inflammation. Stress is inevitable. But it’s how you handle it […]

Just How Bad is Soy?

I was a hippie in college and very proud of my vegetarian diet. I started shunning animal products at age 15, and after living on rice and ramen for a while (which left me severely anemic), I decided to get “healthy” and include whole grains, legumes, and plenty of soy protein and soy milk. I felt […]

My Six Top Healing Spices

Plants are powerful medicine, and you have a veritable medicine cabinet in your spice rack. Spice is a blanket term encompassing a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetable. There are a few superstars worth mentioning that you can use to combat everything from arthritis to cancer. As with everything, quality matters, so make sure your spices are organic […]