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All About Grass-Fed Ghee

What is Ghee? Ghee is clarified butter-the butter is heated and milk solids (proteins) have been removed. The protein casein found in dairy is difficult for many people to digest. Casein is a large foreign protein that can pass through the human gut easily, contributing to what is known as “leaky” or permeable gut. When […]

Healthy Thyroid Diet

In past pieces I discussed Autoimmune Thyroid disease, and how your immune system is attacking your thyroid gland. Many people believe that medication is the only answer, and many more suffer in silence because they are told by their physician that their thyroid is functioning normally. Autoimmune thyroid is not black and white. It is one of the […]

Despite What Your Doctor Says, Your Thyroid Might Not Be Functioning Normally

You have been experiencing thyroid symptoms, yet your Doctor told you your TSH was within a normal range. Now what? Now it’s time to find a Doctor who will request a FULL thyroid panel, including thyroid antibodies. This will give you and your care provider a more complete picture as to what is going on.  Although Western […]

Why Avoid Peanuts

I’ve had a couple recent clients mention that they eat a lot of peanut butter. They wanted to know if there is a reason to switch out of it if they were not allergic. There are many reasons why advocates of the paleo/primal/realfood lifestyle avoid peanuts, and I will try to cover all of them. […]


The paleo/primal community is amazing. We are changing the way people make decisions about what they are putting in their body. We are making big strides world-wide, and I am proud to be a part of this movement. However, there are some funny “paleo-isms” (things the paleo community likes to say/talk about). I’m here to […]

Ignorance or Misplaced Trust?
The Marketing of “Food” in Our Culture

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” – Harlan Ellison It is difficult to navigate the world of nutrition. It is an ever evolving and ever-changing field. This creates amazing opportunities for marketing in “nutrition”. We are a nation of consumers. We, the consumers, […]