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Detox 101…How to Enhance Your Body’s Detoxification!

Did you know your body is detoxifying all the time? It’s kind of a misnomer to say you are going to “detox” your system; it does this naturally. However, there are ways to up-regulate detoxification and enhance the body’s ability to excrete toxins from its main detoxifying systems. Detoxification happens in body systems that include […]

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and Symptoms… A Brain Problem!

Adrenal fatigue is one of those catch all terms in the functional medicine and paleo community. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into adrenal fatigue and adrenal fatigue treatment. Adrenal fatigue symptoms include: Dizzy when standing up fast. Sweet cravings. Weight gain. Anxiety Fatigue Low thyroid symptoms (cold hands/feet, thinning hair and low body temp)/ […]

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Your Gut Bacteria…

Did you know that the bacteria in your gut and gut bacteria has a huge effect on your immune system? Your gut houses 70 percent of your immune system. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) reside in the gastrointestinal tract, and these lymphoid tissues produce antibodies that fight bacteria, viruses, parasites, and […]

Do you have symptoms of Anemia, Depression, Fatigue and Leaky Gut?

There are three general types of nutritional anemia. Iron: Hypochromic microcytic anemia. B-vitamins: Especially (B12, folate and B6) Normochromic Macrocytic anemia (Megaloblastic) Pernicous anemia: Caused by an autoimmune disease in the stomach affecting intrinsic factor production and the destruction of parietal cells which produce intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid (HCL). Nutrition and Anemia Iron is very […]

Blood Sugar and Hormone Stress

More than 1/3rd of the country has a condition known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome has some important features that are seen in nearly all cases and that is blood sugar imbalances and or insulin resistance. When blood sugar or insulin becomes elevated it can create inflammatory cascades that can contribute to obesity, blood pressure, diabetes […]

How To Use Resistant Starch To Improve Your Gut Health

Intro to Resistant Starch With resistant starch, we have two main kinds regarding our application. Type II: Unripened banana flour. Type III: Cooled potato flour. The banana flour is great and is what I personally use because I have an autoimmune thyroid condition. Potato flour is technically a nightshade which can exacerbate some people’s autoimmune […]

Do You Have Symptoms of a Parasite Infection?

Many people have symptoms of a parasite infection and don’t even know it! Research shows that a significant proportion of the population has a parasite infection. Parasite infections can cause many symptoms, and the most difficult part about it is that most of the symptoms they cause are not even gastrointestinally related. This means you may not […]