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6 Simple Steps to Treat Your Depression without Drugs

Depression is no laughing matter.  It is a very serious ailment affecting nearly 15 million Americans  often treated with potent prescription medications.  Furthermore, side effects of antidepressants run the gamut from decreased libido, to flat emotions, restlessness, sleep disturbances, even thoughts of suicide.   In cases of mild to moderate depression there are natural solutions that may help to restore […]

Mind Altering Microbes: How Your Gut Microbiome May Influence Your Mood

“I’ve got a gut feeling about this” While we have certainly heard that appetite and digestion are controlled by the enteric nervous system  (also known as “the master control panel in your gut”), who would’ve thought that the gut might also control your emotions and mood?  It’s no wonder the old sayings, like “I’ve got a gut feeling […]

Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms?

Are you one of the many people unknowingly living or working in water damaged building?  Did you know it may be dramatically affecting your health?  It’s estimated that indoor air pollutants, including mold and mycotoxins may be contributing to more than 50% of our patient’s illnesses.  Typically we think of smog, smoke, and outdoor pollution as detrimental to our […]

The Low Mold Diet

Use this guide to shift your diet away from high sugar and starchy foods to more fresh, whole foods.  If you suspect you’ve been exposed to mold or mycotoxins, read my post on mold exposure here. Foods that must be avoided Avoid sugar  and sugar containing foods: Table sugar and all other simple, fast releasing sugars […]

Ten Tips To Protect Your Body from Toxic Chemicals

Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat! Avoid mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics and personal care products, period! Need soap? Try natural brands like Dr Bronner’s,  Mrs. Meyers, Watkins or Nubain Heritage. Don’t eat foods made with chemicals you can’t pronounce. Read the ingredients labels. If the list of ingredients is too long […]

The Biology of Food Addiction

The Calorie Hypothesis Current view:  Obesity is just lack of will power …eat less, exercise more This model fails because: Our body’s wise compensatory mechanisms defend against weight loss by decreasing energy expenditure and increasing appetite as we diet High glycemic carbohydrates (like added refined sugars, sugar-sweetened beverages, refined grains, and starches) light up the nucleus […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Leaky Gut: Part II

Did you miss my first Leaky Gut Article? Read more here! So now you may be wondering if you have leaky gut…  Food allergies, toxins, sugar, antibiotics, parasites and stress can wreak havoc with your gastrointestinal system, upsetting the balance in your intestine as well as allowing harmful substances to enter the system. Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or abdominal […]