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Consider Insulin

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We absolutely need and rely on the hormone insulin, but only when it stays in its sweet spot: just enough, not too much. Too much insulin has a direct adverse effect (obesity, type 2 diabetes) and many far-reaching effects, including an increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. News out just this week of […]

Mammograms Again

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Why haven’t I seen this information before now!? It doesn’t change my mind, but if you are still getting routine mammograms, it might change yours. I saw this article first in Consumer Reports. The Institute of Medicine, the nonprofit arm of the National Academy of Sciences issued a Report in 2012 (link is external) that […]

Solutions for Insomnia, Updated

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When was the last time you had trouble sleeping? Too much caffeine, emotional stress, loud neighbors, or the anticipation of leaving on a trip can all interfere with a good night’s rest. But if you frequently have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, you can count yourself among the one-third of Americans who suffer […]

Homocysteine, the Big Picture

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A truly excellent clinician, podcaster, and researcher, Michael Ruscio, DC, recently focused his attention on Homocysteine. (You can read the transcript of his podcast here (link is external) and stay tuned for an upcoming podcast of his in which we talk about it together!) I wanted to add to his discussion, and then asked myself: […]

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