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Whose Dietary Guidelines?

While we’ve been busy taking apart the seriously flawed article indicting meat, we have missed celebrating a very welcome article. An editorial in an online journal called Open Heart, affiliated with the British Medical Journal, summarizes almost 50 years of clinical research regarding the metabolic effects of standard nutritional guidelines. Dr. James J DiNicolantonio, cardiovascular research scientist [...]

Good Meat News for Seniors

Researchers in Japan interviewed seniors (hovering around 67 years of age) regarding their protein intake, either animal or plant, and evaluated their functional abilities measured in social, intellectual, and physical activity spheres. You can read a summary of their findings here. Men in the highest quartile of animal protein (but not plant) had a 39% decreased [...]

Meat On Trial AGAIN!

The big news this week? A major journal published a study despite clear conflict of interest between the lead author and his cherished headline!Okay, it’s not the favorite journal of anyone I know, but it certainly has received a lot of press coverage. Cell Metabolism  published a study  claiming an association between meat consumption in middle age and increased [...]

56 Years of Testing the Diet-Heart Hypothesis

I came across a remarkable paper today, published in the American Journal of Medicine, and remarkably (!) fully available online. Two MD authors, James E. Dalen, MPH and Stephen Devries, FACC, summarize carefully and clearly 56 years of nutrition studies investigating the diet heart hypothesis. In 1957 Ancel Keys noted a linear correlation between dietary fat [...]

Heart Health Awareness

February is officially Heart Disease Awareness Month, but since I don’t treat disease on this website, but rather help you to be as healthy as possible, I officially decree that in our world, February is Heart Health Awareness Month! And in honor of that decree, I have a pocketful of heart-related and health-related topics to discuss with [...]

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Something is not quite right, but it’s not necessarily dramatic. Some feature of your vitality is, well, just a little bit under the weather. It could be a sinking of mood or energy, a little extra hair loss, a change in the quality of your sleep. Your mind doesn’t seem quite so sharp, you’ve gained [...]

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