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Feed Your Brain

Everything we put in our mouths affects the health of our brains. What we are learning now is that sweets don’t appear to be good for our brains, while healthy fats are good brain food. The story, however, gets much more complex than that. Grace Slick was close to my new slogan for baby boomers […]

Trade Fish Oil for Mole?

A recent article in the NY Times tells us that the celebration of fish oil as a means to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke has been misguided. Despite a few studies confirming its benefit, most of the studies did not pan out when conducted as a clinical trial among patients at risk for those […]

Thyroid Thicket – Part Three

How do I get to GOOD? Or, in other words, if my tests suggest something is amiss, what do I do? Let’s just talk about hypothyroidism, which raises the possibility of replacing, by prescription, thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism, whether overt or subclinical, takes a toll on normal physiology and will generally get worse if treatment is […]

Thyroid Thicket – Part Two

Which Lab Tests to Tackle the Thyroid Thicket? (Part Two of Three, see Part One here.) Here’s the million dollar question, because most large medical clinics have switched to “efficient” thyroid testing, which I would call perhaps efficient but in the long term, absolutely insufficient. Bare bones testing checks just the TSH (the messenger from […]

Thyroid Thicket – Part One

Thyroid – a Neolithic Disease (This is the first part of the presentation I made to the Physicians and Ancestral Health Meeting, January 2015) Thyroid – that little butterfly shaped gland at the base of your front neck (under the knot of your bow-tie?) produces thyroid hormones that impact and interact with every other hormonal […]

A Full Heart

Not news to you, perhaps, but saturated fat was never the problem with our diets! Many meta-analyses, op-ed’s and even popular books have detailed the misguided steps we took in 1977 when our federal nutritional guidelines steered us away from fat and towards (unthinkably) carbohydrates to make up the lost calories from trimmed fat. Just […]

Physicians and Ancestral Health

In January I was fortunate to spend three days in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a small group of physicians. We had traveled from the US, Canada, and Norway to participate in the third annual educational meeting of Physicians and Ancestral Health (PAH). I didn’t mind that Scottsdale didn’t warm as promised, because our meetings – and […]

Diseases of Modern Civilization: Autoimmune and Nutritional

Do you know anyone with an autoimmune illness? I imagine you do: Hashimoto’s or Graves Diseases of the thyroid, lupus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and many diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system are autoimmune in origin. The rate of autoimmune illness is increasing, as the three conditions necessary for its emergence are […]