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When NOT To Take HRT

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“Wait, so what are you saying, is HRT a good idea or not?” I was talking with a patient to whom I had recommended hormone replacement, but mentioned I had some concerns about “everyone” taking HRT. In fact, I do qualify my general advice, and suggest that hormones are not always the right choice. I […]

DIY Memory Health, Part Two of Three

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How is your brain rejuvenation program going? In the first article here, I described the basic lifestyle habits associated with improved and maintained brain function. Specifically, let’s talk about each step and where to go from here. Anti-inflammatory diet. Have you been eating real food? Did you go grain-free or gluten-free? Once you have been eating […]

Double Whammy with Belly Fat

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A recent journal article, published online here (link is external), describes and intersection between two clinical conditions that I always take very seriously: increased abdominal size and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Of course, as in any purely observational study, these findings tell us really nothing about how things work: they simply raise a question that […]

To Salt or Not To Salt

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Public health messages have a bit of a repetitious quality, even when there is abundant evidence that they stand on shaky ground. For instance, if you peruse WebMD, or any conventional health-related sites, I imagine you’re wondering if you should cut down on your salt intake. Probably not, let’s see why… May 26th in the […]

Consider Insulin

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We absolutely need and rely on the hormone insulin, but only when it stays in its sweet spot: just enough, not too much. Too much insulin has a direct adverse effect (obesity, type 2 diabetes) and many far-reaching effects, including an increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. News out just this week of […]

Mammograms Again

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Why haven’t I seen this information before now!? It doesn’t change my mind, but if you are still getting routine mammograms, it might change yours. I saw this article first in Consumer Reports. The Institute of Medicine, the nonprofit arm of the National Academy of Sciences issued a Report in 2012 (link is external) that […]

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