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Healthy Aging Tips

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Just for fun, what do the experts say about healthy aging, are they right? Let’s revisit the wisdom of the Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner as summarized by New York Times’ columnist Tiffany Frasier, here. She also references a longer discussion of Buettner’s approach, by Jeff Gordinier, which you can read here. Frasier’s summary […]

Choose Your Tools Wisely

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I overheard a conversation recently in which one person repeated the oft-heard discounting of the Paleo Diet: “It’s not real, you know, they don’t know what people ate a long time ago.” And, actually, that is not the truest critique of the Paleo Diet, for we do know something of what people ate long ago, […]

Ancestral Health - Episode #1

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August has been so busy! After an information packed weekend with Dr. Bredesen in California, I was home just long enough to catch up, pack and head to Boulder (first time!) for the 2016 Ancestral Health Symposium. I went eager to hear some new thoughts in evolutionary medicine, a paradigm that postulates much if not all […]

And Your Pregnancy History?

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A recently published study opens up an area I hadn’t considered before: the long term risks of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy. It is generally well known to consider whether or not a woman has had diabetes in pregnancy (or a child over 9 lbs, which probably indicates undiagnosed diabetes in pregnancy), as either detail will […]

DIY Memory Health, Part Three of Three

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Just this week in the news one of the brain exercise programs announced some great results with brain training games. The current study was a re-analysis of former data collected over a ten-year period observing almost 3000 healthy older adults. The group who did the speed-of-processing training, now available through Posit Science’s brain training […]

What do YOU Want From Your Doctor?

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There has been a fair amount of discussion recently about articles such as this one that urge doctors to consider ruling out insulin resistance far more often than they usually do. Many docs have the habit of checking a few simple blood sugar measurements (maybe JUST fasting blood sugar) and waiting until it’s significantly abnormal […]

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