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Once Again for Organic Food

As a clinician I know that common sense is an incredibly reliable tool: it’s most likely that the patient returned from a back-packing trip has abdominal pain and diarrhea because of some exposure from the trip. As a clinical I also know that science has its place: when the physical exam doesn’t quite fit the […]

Can You See Us?

One thing that every woman knows is that we become almost invisible at menopause! We can walk alone with impunity because we are rarely noticed. Evidently our invisibility extends to the medical eye. I was listening to one of my favorite and educational podcasts on the way to the lake this morning: Revolution Health Radio […]

Red Meat and Breast Cancer?

A recent article in the British Medical Journal is gathering public attention. The easiest article to access appears on the Huffington Post and is quite sane in both title and content: “Red Meat Possibly Linked to Breast Cancer.” The possibility of a connection between red meat and breast cancer has been scrutinized repeatedly over the last two […]

Preventing Colon Cancer Recurrence

Two very important life-style choices might be of significant benefit if you want to prevent a recurrence of colon cancer. A recently released study identified both regular exercise (60 minutes weekly) and twice weekly fish meals as factors associated with a reduced risk of cancer recurrence. The newly identified benefit of regular fish consumption, i.e., reduced colon […]

Sleep Comes First

One of the most exciting presentations I enjoyed at Paleo F(x) was Dr. Kirk Parsley’s discussion about his success in treating sleep disorders. I enjoyed his first presentation so much that I went to his second as well, and have since been in communication with him, happy to learn that he will soon have a […]

Wrapping Our Minds

Can we wrap our minds around a new paradigm? The paradigm is actually not new: it was first articulated in recent history by Gary Taubes, in Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat. (Read one of Taubes’ books for the historical references to the earlier expressions of the concepts.) The paradigm has been a challenge for people […]

Ketogenic Diet Better for Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study adds to the growing body of research evaluating low carbohydrate and very low carbohydrate diets. Working with a group of overweight and obese adults, all of whom qualified as either pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetics, researchers employed two different dietary strategies. Randomly assigned to either a standard American Diabetic Association diet (ADA: […]

Whose Dietary Guidelines?

While we’ve been busy taking apart the seriously flawed article indicting meat, we have missed celebrating a very welcome article. An editorial in an online journal called Open Heart, affiliated with the British Medical Journal, summarizes almost 50 years of clinical research regarding the metabolic effects of standard nutritional guidelines. Dr. James J DiNicolantonio, cardiovascular research scientist […]

Good Meat News for Seniors

Researchers in Japan interviewed seniors (hovering around 67 years of age) regarding their protein intake, either animal or plant, and evaluated their functional abilities measured in social, intellectual, and physical activity spheres. You can read a summary of their findings here. Men in the highest quartile of animal protein (but not plant) had a 39% decreased […]

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