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Low Carb Advantage for Athletes

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Low carb ketosis for athletes? The long-awaited study by Dr. Jeff Volek (link is external) and team has been released. They studied endurance athletes; endurance is a term that could apply to events as short as rowing a 1K (3-5 minutes) to a 26-mile running marathon. (“Endurance” performance doesn’t apply to quick bursts of energy, […]

Hypertension: Controversy Resolved

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In a way, high blood pressure is like every other health problem: it can usually be resolved through lifestyle changes. When those don’t work, attending to some systemic problems (lack of sleep, low thyroid, and others) can often solve the problem. Supplementation directed by a knowledge of genetics and general supplement principles is a good […]

Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

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Did you know that November is National (US, I presume) Alzheimer’s Awareness Month? Actually every month is about a dozen things, but I’ve been ruminating on dementia recently, so it’s time to share some more thoughts. I hope you’ve read my article Feed Your Brain, which summarizes a complete approach to brain rehab, designed, tested […]

Please Pull Over

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It happens to me most often when I’m responding to an after hours call from a patient, or during a scheduled phone appointment during a workday. I hear background noise and ask if the person with whom I’m speaking is actually, at that moment, driving. If they’re the passenger in a car, fine, I’ll go […]

Methylation Short Cuts

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Actually that title is a little bit of a misnomer, let me explain. I gave a whirlwind expo on 23andMe interpretations for a local group on Saturday night and realize now that it was way too big a topic to tackle in the time I did. Thanks to all those sturdy participants who stayed with […]

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