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Don’t Be Fooled

As is tradition, my goal for April is to “unfool” and “unbrainwash” you by debunking common nutrition myths. Here’s the recap of my 2015 “Don’t be FOOLED” series: Don’t be FOOLED: Breakfast is not optional in a health-centered lifestyle! Maybe eggs aren’t really your thing and that’s okay! There are SO MANY ways to get a PFC […]

Swear off the Sugar Substitutes

There are two widely accepted reasons that Splenda and the ever expanding list of sugar substitutes (also known as artificial sweeteners) have become so successful (marketing and commercial-wise, NOT successful in making us healthy) in our collective diet. 1. First and foremost, because they contain no calories. 2. Secondly, they’re commonly recommended for diabetics due […]

Stay Fueled to Shed Pounds

Attention all hopeless dieters! I come with exciting news. You know how you feel cranky, irritable, stressed and starving? You don’t have to feel this way, and you do not need to keep starving yourself in order shed the pounds. Before you keep reading, you better march right over to your kitchen and grab a PFC snack […]

5 Lab Tests for Heart Health (and How to Interpret Them!)

Have you been through the gauntlet of cardiovascular tests, only to be given a “total cholesterol” number at the end that the doctor wasn’t happy with? Since your total cholesterol number doesn’t really tell us anything, let’s break those lab results down into something that does! 1. Triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat found […]

7 Ways to Protect Your Heart Naturally

There are a ton of misconceptions surrounding cholesterol and heart disease. Rather than going with the conventional flow, following a low-fat diet and filling that statin prescription, I encourage you to protect your heart using the real food, supplementation and lifestyle modification approach…no side effects andbetter results! Protect your heart naturally in 7 ways: 1. Eat less sugar […]