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Sugar Comparison in Breakfasts

Have you seen the documentary, Fed Up? It’s getting a lot of mainstream attention, and for a good reason! The film sheds light on how much sugar Americans are actually consuming, and the detrimental affects it is having on the population. Are you starting your day with a sugar rush? Do you realize how much sugar is hiding […]

Simple Starting Steps

In this busy, complicated world it can be tough to know where to begin when venturing out on a journey towards health. To live a Healthy Simple Life, we need to keep it simple and take small steps every day to promote health and help support our bodies from the inside out. Here are my top 5 simple starting steps you […]

Heal the Gut No Matter What

Sugar cravings. Bloating. Burping. Gas. Diarrhea. Constipation. Indigestion. Heartburn. Runner’s Trots. Colds. Sickness. Anxiety. Frequent fatigue. These are signs of impaired gut health, and if you’re experiencing these, you are not alone. If you’re not experiencing any of the above, don’t stop reading just yet. Your gut is often referred to as “the second brain” and/or […]

The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Most roller coasters are fun. Your stomach churning in anticipation of the unknown. The gigantic ups and downs. The pounding in your head. Most roller coaster rides last 2 or 3 minutes. Imagine riding a roller coaster all day long. While it’s fun for a few minutes at an amusement park, when it comes to […]

Managing Diabetes with Real Food

Diabetes Stats: Chances are you know someone with type 2 diabetes or you may be diabetic yourself. The prevalence of diabetes is continually increasing. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 25.8 million Americans including adults and children, have type 2 diabetes and another 79 MILLION people have pre-diabetes (most of them don’t even know it). The Centers […]

What About Alcohol?

One of the most common questions I get is about alcohol. Is it acceptable when following PFC guidelines? How does alcohol fit into this lifestyle? Should I drink it if I’m trying to lose weight? What should I drink when I drink? Do YOU drink? Before we go any further into this topic, I want to start […]

Spring Cleaning (Nutrition Style)

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut during the winter because of the low vitamin D levels, chilly temps, lack of sunlight, and relatively limited availability of fresh, seasonable produce. But now that the sun is shining and spring veggies are coming into season, it’s time break away from the slow-cooked wintery stews we’ve been […]

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