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Gluten Free Holiday Baking with The Allergy Free Holiday Table

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Gluten free holiday baking just got a boost from Amanda at The Curious Coconut. Her new eBook is “The Allergy Free Holiday Table: No Compromise Baked Goods For Paleo, Autoimmune, Gluten Free and (mostly) Vegan Kitchens“. Amanda and her sister Davina modified their Southern family favorites such as Biscuits, Dinner Rolls, Pies, Cakes and Cookies […]

Paleo Calorie Counting

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Need a quick check on calories in Paleo foods? Those sweet potato fries and almond flour muffins could be why your weight is stuck – not a thyroid issue after all. You don’t need to weigh your food or go back to the old calorie obsessing days! The days of 1200 calories of suffering for […]

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