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Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? The USDA Finally Says No!

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Does cholesterol cause heart disease? Scientists and health professionals have said “NO” for 50 years. The USDA finally agrees! The previously recommended 300 mg. a day cholesterol limit (the amount in one egg and 1 cup of chicken) was quietly removed from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines. The government acknowledged there is no link between cholesterol […]

Truth in Labeling: Cage Free, Pastured or Free Range Chicken and Eggs

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Is free range chicken the same as pastured chicken? It depends! Pastured, cage free and free range usually mean different things. Add in various marketing terms such as organic, natural, and vegetarian feed and you’re probably being misinformed. First, the bottom line… Pastured chickens and eggs are best for you and for the chicken Here […]

High Blood Pressure Myths and Lies

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Do you know about high blood pressure myths and lies? Not knowing the truth can lead to a lifetime of medication, never resulting in a “cure”. Medications generally address only the symptom and not the cause. High blood pressure is extremely serious and it can absolutely cause chronic illness or death. Getting it properly diagnosed […]

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