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10 Tips to Beat Belly Bloat

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Yes, you can beat belly bloat! You’ll look better, feel better, and wear clothes that actually fit. You don’t have to fast, purge or take harsh laxatives or diuretics. Here’s 10 tips to beat the bloat and show off a flatter figure! PS You’ll get healthier too… What causes abdominal bloating? Stomach bloat is usually […]

Natural Treatments for Shingles and Herpes Relief

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Natural treatments for shingles and herpes relief. Here’s suggestions from personal and clinical experience with alternative herpes treatments to help heal faster and reduce occurrences. None of these will conflict with medications. I have never used antiviral medications and have focused on the causes of my susceptibility and using alternative therapies to reduce my herpes […]

Robb Wolf’s Podcast with Beverly on Anxiety, GABA, Gluten and K2

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Are you a fan of Robb Wolf’s podcast? The Paleo Solution has been a leading podcast for years, with so many amazing guests! Robb interviews me about Vitamin K2 and the “forgotten” neurotransmitter GABA. Both of these nutrients get less attention than they deserve so I’m passionate sharing about them. Anxiety, autoimmune, sleep, recovery from […]

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