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7 Billion Children

An adult represents rational thought, authority, intelligence and a capacity to protect, feed and care for anyone else that cannot protect themselves. But going by this definition, it would seem there are very, very few of us that meet this criteria. Furthermore, most of us are increasingly becoming more like children. We are given a […]

Don’t Fear the Cold!

Some consider me a little crazy when walking in the dead of winter with just a t-shirt and jeans, or taking icy plunges into rivers while snow remains on the banks. “Are you trying to get sick?” they ask. My answer often puzzles them: “No, I’m trying NOT to get sick.” Conventional wisdom seems to […]

Know Your Food

Dairy gets a bad rap in the majority of the nutrition world and there is good reason. There are several unnatural nuances why many, including myself, avoid most dairy. But there are certain factors (time of year, location, breed of cow, etc…) that can make dairy, if you tolerate it well, nearly a “super food.” […]

Don’t Be an Ass

We’ve all met that person. He wouldn’t shut up at dinner, had an answer for everything, and laughed at your “ignorant” question or point of view. Despite trying to tolerate him, you couldn’t wait until he left the room so you could denounce his rhetoric with his other verbally assassinated victims that surround you. He […]

Reconnect with Food

Often times I am asked to explain what my diet entails. And almost always after I tell people, they shake their heads, and say something to the effect of: “that seems so boring.” I guess this difference of opinion lays in our contrasting connection to food. To be clear, I have a deep and enjoyable […]