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The Core Issue

Many people have some level of awareness of the harm we are inflicting on this world.  In theory, they realize that if we degrade our landscapes, we will have no way to safely produce the food and raw materials we need to survive.  We employ modern fixes, such as green technologies, to both limit the ecological […]

Fast Food Doesn’t Support Your Child’s Development

Studies have now demonstrated that consumption of highly processed food in children is associated with lower IQ scores. Children are in an important developmental stage. They require a number of key nutrients to insure that (for example) their brains develop properly. Two independent studies (one in England and one in the United States) both demonstrated […]

Qualities of Ecocentric Communities

I recently read an excerpt from Derrick Jensen’s book titled “Endgame” that listed ten (of the twenty) premises of industrial civilization and the inherent problems with this form of living.  The writing, though perhaps considered extreme and alarmist by some, has correctly described the problem (in my opinion).  I wanted to expand on these ten […]

Have You Eaten the Feather-Shoe?

Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed) is one of the most valuable wild plants for those following a rewilding path.  It offers food, medicine, and relatively strong fibers for those that know how to identify and process this plant.  One of its indigenous names is wiphunakson (pronounced weep-hoo-NAHK-sun), which means “feather-shoe” in Passamaquoddy, a very fitting name for this species’ […]

Rewilding Fundamentals

Rewilding is a process for creating humans who can live in a healthful, truly sustainable manner, in close connection with their local landscape (i.e., as part of the wild ecology).  It is a trajectory that anyone can follow, regardless of where they live.  Experiencing greater health, heightened awareness, further self-reliance, and more real community does not require […]

Our Misplaced Focus on the Economy

The number one concern in American politics today is the economy. Americans are convinced this is THE most important issue facing the nation. In fact, we are told by many politicians that any attempt to protect the environment in this critical time will result in lost jobs and set economic growth back. Much as in […]

What Do Olives and Acorns Have in Common?

The Answer: they are both rich in a healthful monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) called oleic acid. Consumption of oleic acid has been linked to decreases in blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (both of which benefit cardiovascular health). Further, MUFAs normalize blood clotting and benefit insulin levels. Olive oil is approximately 75% oleic acid (the remaining […]

Traits of Hunter-Gatherer Diets

Hunter-gatherers serve as wonderful models for examining the food habits of humans. Not only has hunting and gathering been practiced since long before anatomically modern humans appeared, but the people that practiced this method of food acquisition represented some of the healthiest people on the planet (those that were still consuming their traditional diets and […]

The Zen of Cheap Stuff

Most everyone recognizes that there is truth to saying “you get what you pay for”. For the most part, cheaper products don’t function as well as higher priced goods. Further, products made with cheaper materials don’t last as long and are more likely to be defective and/or break sooner than the higher priced items. In […]