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Attention Deficit (ADD & ADHD) and Lack of Focus are Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction

The epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder is not what you’d think, nor is it what you’ve been told by conventional medicine. Simple physiology tells us that when a man, woman, or child chronically activates their stress response (which will result in Adrenal Dysfunction), he or she will be constantly running on excess cortisol and adrenaline. […]

Has Mainstream Healthcare Got You Frustrated?

If so, it’s not surprising to me. By the time patients end up consulting with me, they’ve seen numerous physicians and multiple specialists, many quite respected. Patients have often spent years chasing the numerous “red herrings,” or secondary conditions to which Adrenal Dysfunction contributes. Patients have done multiple cleanses and detoxes; they’ve even tried some […]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Adrenal Dysfunction

The condition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), while poorly recognized by conventional medicine, is a very real and very debilitating condition. It is also very strongly associated with Adrenal Dysfunction. In fact, I have never had a patient with MCS who did not have associated — and often causal — underlying Adrenal Dysfunction. A person […]

Irritable Bowel is Not What You Think:
Discover and Treat the Cause

The problems of irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, dysbiosis, heartburn, slow stomach emptying, and intestinal candidiasis are digestive complaints for sure, but they are also symptoms of underlying Adrenal Dysfunction. These symptoms and conditions are actually extreme versions of “butterflies in the stomach” that we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. I say […]

Estrogen Dominance Is Real… For Both Men And Women!

Estrogen Dominance is real, and it is caused by Adrenal Dysfunction! While this is not an accepted, diagnosable medical condition, it is a very real imbalance in reproductive hormones, which is strongly connected to Adrenal Dysfunction. This hormone imbalance leads to too much estrogen (perhaps relative to progesterone and testosterone) that leads to PMS, heavy […]

The Energy Envelope: Why Adrenal Patients
Have Limited Parameters

Patients with Adrenal Dysfunction and CFS often get stuck in what we call a “push-crash” cycle. They will gradually feel slightly better, only then to push beyond their parameters, which then leads to another inevitable crash. Those with AD or CFS have very limited parameters; I like to refer to this the “Energy Envelope.” My […]

How To Expedite Your Healing

The majority of the patients that finally make it to me have been treated for many years for numerous secondary imbalances and dysfunctions due to untreated Adrenal Dysfunction, including: chronic Lyme, EBV, HHV-6, Candida, toxicity, mitochondrial defects, hypothyroidism, etc. They’ve treated the toxicity, the infections, the thyroid, and on and on. If these were truly […]

CFS Myths Debunked

In this short video I expose some of the more common (and more damaging) myths surrounding CFS and Fibromyalgia. The current belief is that there is no known cause and no known treatment for these diseases; therefore, often patients are told that CFS and Fibromyalgia are life-long conditions. To some practitioners, this is their truth. […]