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Estrogen Dominance Is Real… For Both Men And Women!

Estrogen Dominance is real, and it is caused by Adrenal Dysfunction! While this is not an accepted, diagnosable medical condition, it is a very real imbalance in reproductive hormones, which is strongly connected to Adrenal Dysfunction. This hormone imbalance leads to too much estrogen (perhaps relative to progesterone and testosterone) that leads to PMS, heavy […]

The Energy Envelope: Why Adrenal Patients
Have Limited Parameters

Patients with Adrenal Dysfunction and CFS often get stuck in what we call a “push-crash” cycle. They will gradually feel slightly better, only then to push beyond their parameters, which then leads to another inevitable crash. Those with AD or CFS have very limited parameters; I like to refer to this the “Energy Envelope.” My […]

How To Expedite Your Healing

The majority of the patients that finally make it to me have been treated for many years for numerous secondary imbalances and dysfunctions due to untreated Adrenal Dysfunction, including: chronic Lyme, EBV, HHV-6, Candida, toxicity, mitochondrial defects, hypothyroidism, etc. They’ve treated the toxicity, the infections, the thyroid, and on and on. If these were truly […]

CFS Myths Debunked

In this short video I expose some of the more common (and more damaging) myths surrounding CFS and Fibromyalgia. The current belief is that there is no known cause and no known treatment for these diseases; therefore, often patients are told that CFS and Fibromyalgia are life-long conditions. To some practitioners, this is their truth. […]

Anxiety and Depression: What’s the Hidden Cause?

Anxiety and depression are not only “in your head.” They are also symptoms of underlying an Adrenal Dysfunction. The mainstream medical community sends us the message that anxiety and depression are purely psychological disorders that can only be treated with medication. Anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants are not the ultimate answer. While short-term, temporary use of […]

Why So Many Of My Patients Are Menopausal Women?

  Menopause is an adrenal hormone problem. Menopause is not an ovarian hormone problem, not at its core. Menopause is a natural progression of ovarian hormone decline, a process that should occur without symptoms and without event. Conventional—and even many integrative and anti-aging—physicians would have you believe that the symptoms of menopause are a normal […]

Your Heart & Adrenals with Dr. Andrew Neville
Next Call: Feb 6 at 3PM (EST)

Have you ever had palpitations, rapid heart beat, irregular heart beat, occasional chest pain, elevated blood pressure, cold hands and feet, or even elevated cholesterol? Most conventional doctors will shunt you into the medical mill without a second’s hesitation if you tell them you feel any of these symptoms: “Here’s a referral to the cardiologist, […]

Immune Weakness, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Your Adrenals

“Chronic” Lyme disease and other recurrent or long-term viral infections, such as Epstein Barr Virus (AKA: EBV, or the “Mono” virus), are often, at their core, adrenal problems. The mainstream medical community will have you believe that immune-related diseases can be “healed” with antibiotics and antivirals but are finding they need ever-increasing and varied dosing […]

PMS and Adrenal Dysfunction

These days, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is incredibly common, and is almost expected to accompany any woman’s period. It is so common that miseries, such as cramping, heavy periods, and extreme irritability and emotional imbalance, are accepted as “normal.” Those side effects should not be the norm. In fact, your period should come and go without […]