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I Am So Doomed

As the sunshine gets hotter on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, we get more and more paranoid about it. I got a first hand experience of this paranoia this Monday morning when I showed up at work with my forearms pink from getting mildly burned (gasp!) while walking this weekend. Getting burned is […]


Following on from my previous post on the inanity of anti-sun public health campaigns, I wanted to discuss a few aspects of sunlight itself and pathophysiology of melanoma. Here is the story so far: – the relationship between sunlight and melanoma is complicated. Genes matter (your family history), your phenotype (skin and eye colour) can […]

Shonky Pseudoscience by NZ Herald

Occasionally I read stuff that makes me angry. Really angry. Moronic popular media pseudoscientific articles “debunking”, “educating” and “linking nutrient x with disease z” normally fall into this category. The award for the popular media article with the dumbest headline and the most questionable content of the month goes to NZ Herald article “Researchers write […]

Saturation Be Damned

I love interacting with this informed and educated community of ours who take responsibility for own health, read and interpret scientific articles, ask intelligent and incredibly tricky questions and look at the world through a prism of human evolution. It’s really really cool. I also don’t own a television or read newspapers. I know, I […]

How to Talk to Your Doc About Nutrition

Let’s say you have finally turned your back on the “calories in = calories out” drivel, donated the heart healthy whole grains to the neighbourhood birds where they rightly belong and swapped your industrial seed oils, masquerading as vegetable derivatives, for good old-fashioned butter. You feel great, you are losing extra weight, you have reduced […]

Resistant Starch: The Missing Ingredient? Part 1

Just when you think you have everything in your diet dialed in, something new comes along and upsets your carefully constructed nutrition knowledge applecart. This particular compound has been getting nutritionists a little giddy with excitement for a while, and now it is receiving more and more media exposure causing everyday folk scratch their heads […]