Jasmine Moghissi, MDLocated in Fairfax, VA

    I spend a lot of time with my patients explaining why an ancient lifestyle will benefit them and how to go about doing it in this modern hectic world.

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    Steve Wander, DCLocated in Rockville, MD

    As a former personal trainer, I have always been interested in food, nutrition and health. This led me to my path and training as a doctor of chiropractic. While seeing patients for years, i kept hearing similar problems come up when speaking to patients in addition to their aches and pains. Weight gain, obesity, diabetes and immune system issues. That is when I decided to focus on these issues in my practices and the rest is history.

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    Cara Zaller, Located in Columbia, MD

    She is passionate about getting people to be proactive about their health and empowers them to achieve realistic goals for long term optimal health.

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Learn To Love Your Veggies

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Most people think that going Paleo means eating a ton of meat, with a side of butter and no dessert. But in truth, the primal lifestyle includes a diet that is highly varied and rich in colorful produce. In most variations on Paleo eating, there is a strong emphasis on vegetables, especially leafy greens, and […]

4 More Reasons You Should be Bodybuidling

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4 More Reasons You Should be Bodybuidling Click here to read Part 1 of this series: 3 Reasons You Should Be Bodybuilding Bodybuilding. The word immediately evokes distaste in many people. Bronzed, oiled up men in thongs showing off their clearly unnaturally large bodies…and women that look just like men. I understand the stigma, yet […]

Healthy Death

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Yes! You read it correctly! I am close to 69 years old. At this stage of my life, death becomes more of a reality. I know there have been more years behind me than years remaining ahead. When I look around and see my contemporaries, I see the reality of getting older is often coupled […]

Early Life and Autoimmunity- Impact of Breastfeeding and Daycare

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Early life factors, like breastfeeding and daycare, impact autoimmunity later in life. A study was recently published that looked at what impact both breastfeeding and daycare have on the development of the autoimmune condition type 1 diabetes later in life. The highly interesting results are not what you might expect. If you need help with […]

Ketogenic Diet – The First 30 Days

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At the start of 2016, I decided to resume my own n=1 experiment on the ketogenic diet. I’d tested this diet briefly back in October 2015 and had some encouraging results. Most notably, I lost weight, my fasting blood sugar came down, I had incredible amounts of energy and my mental acuity and performance felt […]

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