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Paleo f(x) LiveStream

So you couldn't make it to Paleo f(x) this year — not to worry — they are live streaming their two premiere stages — The Paleo Magazine and Victory Belt stages—in HD quality. You'll be able to enjoy your favorite speakers on nearly any device.

Anxiety and Depression: What’s the Hidden Cause?

Anxiety and depression are not only “in your head.” They are also symptoms of underlying an Adrenal Dysfunction. The mainstream medical community sends us the message that anxiety and depression are purely psychological disorders that can only be treated with medication. Anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants are not the ultimate answer. While short-term, temporary use of [...]

5 Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Wellness

Are you ready to change your lifestyle for the better? Are you wanting to take back your health and achieve wellness? Well, I have 5 tips that will help you do just that! DO: Make wellness a lifelong goal. Just because something makes you lose weight does not mean it is healthy. If that were true, [...]

How Delicious Simplicity Tastes

I am an ice cream-aholic. However, ice cream is not healthy for you, so I had to figure out some other creamy, sweet, cold snack to get my fix. Greek yogurt has been a godsend, for so many different reasons, but it has become my go-to for ice cream cravings. One cup of non-fat plain [...]

One of Nature’s Most Powerful Herbs for Inflammation,
Nausea, and More

One of nature’s most powerful herbs may be sitting in your kitchen this very moment. Ginger has been used for over 2500 years and associated with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbrial, anti-cancer, anti-coagulant & immunomodulatory properties (1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6;7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14). But it doesn’t stop there… May also offer support for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and digestive problems  (15; 16) May [...]

Got Cold Hands and Feet? Think Brain

Although they’re located at the farthest distance from your brain, the health of your feet can give you clues about the health of your brain, mainly whether your brain is receiving enough oxygen. When circulation to the feet is poor, creating a variety of symptoms discussed below, this is a red flag circulation to the [...]

Forego the Fruit & Fire Up The Fat

No, not entirely. You don’t need to ‘not eat fruit’, but hear me out on this one (can I still write ‘hear me out’ for something written?  Not sure, but anyway…) Consider: Eating plenty of assorted, local, organic, seasonal veggies at each meal will ensure you’re getting plenty of fiber throughout the day. Eating more [...]

Quit Worrying about your Testosterone

True hypogonadism (low testosterone or low “T”) is a real issue and needs to be worked up and treated appropriately. Depending on what organization or person you ask, you may get a different definition of what true pathologic hypogonadism really is.  The smartest andrologists/endocrinologists/hormone replacement docs and organizations will argue till the cows come home, [...]

Primal Bugs: The Hunter Gatherer Microbiome

“We barely know what we are doing when it comes to probiotic supplementation,” I admitted to my patient, “but we do know that we are on the verge of the most sophisticated understanding of human health and disease since the dawn of medicine, and it comes down to our symbiotic relationship to our body’s microbes.” [...]

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