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Eat Food, Not Calories

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Calorie counting doesn’t work. So just stop it. Now. For many people, this may not be new. The internet is full of stories about how “a calorie is not a calorie”, and how inaccurate “counting calories” can be when trying to lose weight. However, we STILL get nonsense like this article in a magazine that […]

Denver's Diet Doctor Discusses Dietary Guidelines on CBN Network

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Watch my interview with health reporter Lori Johnson from the CBN television network. We discuss the decades old federal dietary guidelines advice to reduce dietary fat consumption among other things. Since that time we see increased caloric consumption (mainly from carbohydrates as sugar) and a […] The post Dr. Gerber discussing dietary guidelines on CBN […]

Stages of SIBO

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Small Intestinal bacterial Overgrown (SIBO) is a condition that affects the body like any other health issue. From the moment you notice the first symptom to the diagnosis and treatment, SIBO, like cancer or heart disease, is examined and treated through stages. At first, you may notice small symptoms that appear as an annoyance, but […]

010: Allergies & Autoimmune Disease
Dr. Erica Zelfand

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Dr. Erica Zelfand is an integrative family physician, medical writer, teacher, and co-founder of Natura Integrative Medicine in Beaverton, Oregon. Dr. Zelfand provides primary care to both children and adults, with special interests in pediatrics, endocrinology, autoimmune conditions, and digestive health. Dr. Zelfand’s patients and students alike appreciate her straight-shootin’ attitude, upbeat personality, and commitment […]

Chocolate-Blueberry Smoothie

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The first recipe, Chocolate-Blueberry Smoothie, is a delicious, guilt-free treat that is perfect for breakfast, dessert or a snack. It’s easy enough to whip up with basic ingredients from your kitchen, and you can always add different berries, protein powder or even greens. Chocolate-Blueberry Smoothie By Mark Hyman, MD Published: August 2, 2015 Yield: 1 […]

Plantain Paleo Pancakes

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Breakfast in the Antoine household can be crazy trying to feed five hungry children. Here’s one of our easy but favorite weekend specials: Enjoy this simple and delicious, egg-free, grain-free, nut-free, sweetener-free, dairy-free, vegan, ‘paleo-licious’ pancake! Served them stacked up with your favorite berries, filled with nut butter, or drizzle some organic maple syrup on […]

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