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Whether you're looking for a new family doctor or simply someone to get some solid nutrition advice from, our 900+ member physicians and practitioners (on nearly every continent) are here to help you navigate through the many shades of ancestral health.

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One-of-a-kind dining events located in cities around the world. With farm-to-table, chef interpretations, paleo pop-ups, and even eating wild events you're sure to find an event that will open your eyes to the wonderful world of real food.

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With a focus on real food and ingredients, you're not going to find the latest 16 ingredient gluten-free cake mix here, instead you'll find recipes using quality naturally gluten-free ingredients. Take a look, you might be surprised at how good food can be.

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Many of the physicians and healthcare practitioners listed on Primal Docs are available for speaking engagements and can be booked directly via this site. The topics covered are diverse and vary by member and can be tailored to your audience.

Flaxseed: Examining the Research

After publishing my book, The Low Carb Dietitian’s Guide to Health and Beauty, I expected that there would be some differences of opinion on a few of the topics I cover, including macronutrient recommendations, fiber, and calories. While I realize not everyone agrees with me on all of these issues, the thing that I’ve been […]

Importance of Nitric Oxide

A new study is demonstrating how important nitric oxide is in our body. We have previously talked about the importance of keeping nitric oxide levels up: Summary of Nitric Oxide benefits: Nitric Oxide Article Arteries relax and expand Immune cells kill bacteria and cancer cells Brain cells better communicate with each other Reduces inflammation and oxidation […]

The Complete Guide to Sugar

As a dentist, I get asked a lot about sugar. But as it turns out, sugar isn’t actually the worst thing for your teeth. Sugar also isn’t the cause of tooth decay; acid is. The most cavity-causing food is crackers and breads, not candy. As someone with a major sweet tooth myself, I’ve wondered many […]

Why Do Kids Get Sick So Much?

This is the million dollar question for every new mom because kids get sick all the time. I mean ALL the time.  Here’s the thing – they’re designed to get sick all the time and the best news of all is that getting sick is actually the healthiest thing a growing immune system can do. […]

Don’t Break the Chain

I sit with a lot of clients who tell me about their life dreams, followed by, “someday…just not now.” That’s when I typically challenge them to do one thing today in pursuit of that dream.  Make one decision, take one action, make one phone call, take one step. Then I challenge them to do one […]

Feeling Tired? The Cortisol Connection

Stress is one of the main reasons we feel fatigued, lack vitality, and succumb to colds and flus.  In today’s world, we are continually burning the candle at both ends with busy work and social commitments, and not giving ourselves the time to recharge our batteries.  When the body is unable to sufficiently adapt to […]

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