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Paleo f(x) LiveStream

So you couldn't make it to Paleo f(x) this year — not to worry — they are live streaming their two premiere stages — The Paleo Magazine and Victory Belt stages—in HD quality. You'll be able to enjoy your favorite speakers on nearly any device.

What is the Pill Doing to Your Libido?

Doctors, please stop prescribing the Pill willy-nilly to teenage girls. It is only a band-aid solution for symptoms like acne and PCOS, and as I have written before, it does nothing to correct underlying hormone balance. Never mind the hair loss, depression, and weight gain that the Pill causes. There is something else of great importance for young women. [...]

Combating Sugar Cravings: 5 Easy Tips

  Beating sugar cravings is not easy. It requires a level of self-discipline. I promise you though, once you’ve beat a few sugar cravings, it gets much, much easier to beat the rest until you no longer pine for sugar. Use these tips to help you get over a bad sugar craving. 1. Do something else. You’re [...]

Natural Ways to Help Anxiety and Stress

I’m always looking for natural ways to help anxiety and stress.  In myself and in my clients. I was in my 50′s when I finally realized I’d been struggling with anxiety all my life but had never recognized it.  That shocked me so much, I decided to help others see if they too were experiencing [...]

The Functional Medicine Approach to High Blood Pressure

The most commonly diagnosed medical condition in the United States is high blood pressure, or hypertension, and blood pressure medications are among the top 10 most commonly prescribed drugs. However, these medications can cause undesirable side effects. It’s better to address the underlying causes of high blood pressure—research shows diet and lifestyle changes are just [...]

What About Alcohol?

One of the most common questions I get is about alcohol. Is it acceptable when following PFC guidelines? How does alcohol fit into this lifestyle? Should I drink it if I’m trying to lose weight? What should I drink when I drink? Do YOU drink? Before we go any further into this topic, I want to start [...]

Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection

Before I get into some of the confounders in my n=1 experiment I want to quickly explain the relationship between thyroid function and cholesterol (specifically lipoproteins). Most people understand that the thyroid controls our metabolism, which in fitness terms usually means how many calories we burn. What is sometimes lost is that metabolism includes ALL of the [...]

The Misaligned SuperFood: Grass-Fed Butter

We have all been trained by modern society to believe that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for the body.  Studies have shown that both saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet actually help reduce inflammation and prevent heart disease.  Grass-fed butter has incredible health benefits and should be used as a staple part of [...]

I am an Elitist Foodie

An interesting thing has happened over the past several decades that is indicative of where our food values have gone.  When I mention to friends and colleagues that I eat grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken and pork, or wild Alaskan salmon and organic vegetables and fruits I often get strange looks.   I [...]

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