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    Michael Acanfora, DCLocated in Bayonne, NJ

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    Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS, LAcLocated in New York, NY

    I help women come home to their bodies by getting their hormones, habits and head-games back in check. The women I work with feel damaged, mentally and physically, from years of dieting and frustration. I was one of those women, so I get it.

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    Doni Wilson, NDLocated in New York, NY

    Dr. Doni Wilson, a Bastyr Graduate and a nationally celebrated naturopathic doctor, teaches women, men and children how to make life-changing differences to improve their health using natural approaches.

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    Kelly Brogan, MDLocated in New York, NY

    Kelly's Functional Medicine approach is marked by a passion for identifying root causes of illness – genetic susceptibility and its interplay with nutritional, neuroendocrine, and hormonal imbalances. Medication treatment risks and benefits are carefully considered with a focus on short-term use and supported discontinuation.

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    Ronald Primas, MDLocated in New York, NY

    I feel that the ancestral health movement is one of the only ways to improve the health of our country and be an answer to our current healthcare crisis.

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    Courtney Craig, DCLocated in New York, NY

    I believe diet should be the foundation of any treatment protocol. My main focus is eliminating diet-induced inflammation and promoting nutrient-dense eating habits. I am passionate about sharing hope and healing through food for those with chronic illness.

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    Jonathan Hartman, DCLocated in Oradell, NJ

    I take pride in serving as a testimonial on the effectiveness and health benefits of the Paleo/Primal diet because I myself have lost 50lbs on this amazing lifestyle change! I am enthusiastic and passionate about the health benefits that can obtained from a Paleo/Prima Diet. Starting with small steps, I work with patients on modifying their lifestyle and dietary habits to enable them to achieve maximum health benefits.

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    Kellyann Petrucci, NDLocated in Yardley, PA

    I tell my patients all the time that their genes are not their destiny, their choices are. I believe that choosing real foods can absolutely slow aging, enhance enjoyment of life, increase energy and heal a number of illnesses.

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    Bonnie Rogers, Located in Briarcliff Manor, NY

    As I work more and more with this approach of grass fed, clean protein, fermented foods, little or no grain I've seen many clients health issues melt away. In my own life this has totally changed the way I look at food.

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    Andrew Neville, NDLocated in Quakertown, PA

    The reality is that the closer we can eat to how our ancestors ate, the healthier we will be today, tomorrow and for generations to come. A primal diet is a great start for the majority of people.

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    Heather Moday, MDLocated in Philadelphia, PA

    I look at ancestral health not as just the paleo diet. This overlooks the just as equally important aspects of proper sleep, having fun in your life, stress management and functional exercise. All of these aspects support the hormonal balance that keeps us healthy.

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    Brian Mowll, DCLocated in King of Prussia, PA

    Dr. Mowll focuses on helping people with type 2 diabetes, low thyroid function, irritable bowel syndrome, and weight loss with a natural approach using clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

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Estrogen Therapy Linked To...

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Dr. Fox responds to the following article: This study, from the WHI data set is a perfect example of the problems with the overall study. The patients could not participate if they were on hormone replacement at the beginning of the study so we are starting with average age of 70 and adding estrogen. […]

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, at Least Come In and Discuss the Possibilities and the Numerous Advantages to Hormones

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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopausal Women May Not Dim Memory, May Improve Mood. Dr. Fox responds to the following article: The evidence continues to roll out refuting the Mammoth waste of money in the 12 year old WHI (women’s health initiative) study, designed to determine if post menopausal hormone replacement was advantageous for women. […]

Massaged Kale Salad

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There is nothing like a great massaged kale salad. When your body is craving greens, this is one of the best kinds of salads to make. This salad is filled with a wide variety of colors and phytonutrients. A perfect salad to go with any meal or have on its own. Click here for printable […]

Spinach Berry Smoothie

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Dr. Jill’s Spinach Berry Smoothie Recipe Don’t skip breakfast! Eating first thing in the morning has a powerful effect on jump starting your metabolism. If you don’t eat within two hours of waking, your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy. Start the day right with this nutrient packed Spinach Berry Smoothie! This delicious smoothie […]

10 Strategies to Eliminate IBS and Create Good Gut Health

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About 60 million people — that’s 20 percent of Americans — have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These people struggle with miserable, often disabling symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and pain. Numerous culprits contribute to IBS. Your gut lining can break down from stress; too many antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or Advil; steroids; […]

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